COMPREHENSIVE Office)V : CHARACTER REFERENCESReference NameAddressPositionPhone Number1. Capt.

COMPREHENSIVE Office)V : CHARACTER REFERENCESReference NameAddressPositionPhone Number1. Capt.

COMPREHENSIVE RESUMEI : EMPLOYMENT CATEGORYApplied Position:Flight AttendantAlternative Position:Ground CrewDate Available for Work:May 2001II : PERSONAL DATAName:Arlee Ann D.

Dela PeaDate of Birth:October 26, 1980Age:20Height:5 ft. 3in. Weight:120 lbs.

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Present Address:20J William Ext., Pilarville Subd.Tandang Sora, Quezon CityLength of Stay:3 yearsTel No: 455-0180 / 454-4068Residence Certificate::201180-13Date Issued: May 13, 2001SSS:05-04478821-7NBI:D164A8ENANN0000FAMILY DATAFathers Name:Arthur T.

Dela PeaDate of Birth:August 20, 1954Pressent Address:William Ext., Tandang Sora Q.C.Place of Birth :LagunaOccupation: BusinessmanEducational Attainment:College GraduateMothers Name:Hermelina D. Dela PeaPresent Address: William Ext.

, Tandang Sora Q.C.Place of Birth:PampanggaOccupation:HousewifeEducational Attainment:College GraduateII : EDUCATIONAL RECORD Elementary School:St.

James College of Q.C.Date Graduated:March 1993Address:Tandang Sora Ave, Q.C.High School:St. James College of Q.

C.Date Graduated:March 1997Address:Tandang Sora Ave., Q.

C.College/University:PATTS College of AeronauticsDate Graduated:March 2001Address:Domestic Road, Pasay CityLanguage/Dialect Spoken:English, TagalogOther Skills:Computer literateIV : TRAINING/SEMINAR ATTENDEDCompanyCourse/PositionDateSteelwings FoundationOverview on Weight andOctober 2000 Balance ProceduresSteelwings FoundationSpecial Loads / Dangerous Goods October 2000ATO (Air Trans-portation Office)V : CHARACTER REFERENCESReference NameAddressPositionPhone Number1. Capt. Chris JimenezPAL OfficeSenior Pilot 439-3944 Paranaque 2. Engr. Aldrico AbanoPATTS College Instructor 143-4400Pasay City3.

Ms. Arlee dela Pena11 Forbes Park State Senator 454-4068Makati CityThis resume is by no means the only acceptable type but it will provide a good model and serve as a target for comments and criticism.I honestly pronounce that what was written in this comprehensive resume is a fact and not tampered.

And I hereby conclude and understand that the completion of my resume does not secure me for any position and does not take the responsibility to me whatsoever.ARLEE ANN D. DELA PEA

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