Communication is one of the major aspect in one’s life

Communication is one of the major aspect in one’s life

Communication is one of the major aspect in one’s life. In Project Management, it plays a vital role. Communication is not just talking,
it is a process of exchanging information between the speaker and the audience. The information must be delivered in a proper manner to the right persons in the right situation. Effective communication in a particular organization leads to the project success. When the information is not properly delivered then the project may be in danger as there might be any mismatch in the records. Thus communication is a key factor and it cannot be neglected.

The selection of Herb as the project manager for his new work should be evaluated compulsory before taking any decision.
Before alloting the assignment to a person, we should always consider all the factors accordingly which are required for the task.
According to the case study, we can observe that this project has two requirements such as R;D and MANUFACTURING.
As Herb has PhD and also had a god experience on working with R;D and MANUFACTURING , Herb fits for this new position. The only thing is that he only had very less interactions with the project staff in his previous projects.
Thus we can say that he had less knowledge, but making him as the project manager was the right decision.

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