Bullying impact on psychological health

Bullying impact on psychological health

Bullying impact on psychological health. Children who have been oppressed more powerful than others are more likely to develop depression, anxiety and panic disorder for years to come, according to a US medical study. The study said that researchers had previously known that “bullying” may have a psychological impact both on those who were characterized by or were victims of it, but it was not clear how long these effects can continue, according to Reuters (,2013). The Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute for Child Health and Human Development has shown that depression is a very important factor when it comes to intimidation. Depression can cause children to decline and become less interested in things that they have enjoyed before. Reveals research from the National Institute not only to be a victim of bullying is at risk of depression but also bullying. “Research studies conducted by the NICHD show that anyone involved in bullying is at increased risk of depression (Hayward. J, 2008).”

Bullying impact on academic achievement. There is also evidence that bullying may affect academic achievement. People who are harassed are more likely to avoid school, have higher rates of absenteeism, hate school, and say they get lower grades and lower test scores (Robin M. Kowalski & Susan P. Limber, 2013). The latest estimates indicate that 8% of primary and secondary school students in urban areas are absent from school at a rate of one day per month due to being bullied by their colleagues or fear of being exposed to it and the association of learning and going to school in the minds of victims to abuse, humiliation and all negative connotations. Which may cause an increase in student absenteeism.
The faculty members and administrators recognize the existence of this phenomenon and its destructive effect on the personality of the student and the path of his scientific achievement. According to recent statistics, the proportion of bullying in each school between bullying and victims of bullying is up to 15% and is spread among the students more than the ranks of female students (,2010). In fact, one of the first signs of bullying is low scores.
What’s more, a study by the University of Virginia showed that children who attend a school with a climate of bullying often have lower scores on tests. Even bullying affects students who attest to it. One of the reasons for low grades in schools with bullying widely is that students often participate less in the learning process because they distract their attention or concern about bullying (Sherri Gordon, 2018).

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Bullying impact on the relationship. Relational bullying indicates damage to relationships between friends or families and destroys the situation in groups to harm or disturb a person. Again and again some students at school: do not go on trips, or ask others to ignore them, or not wanting to be their friend anymore, or not wanting to be in their group (Arch Child, 2015 ). If a person is a victim of bullying and has gained low self-esteem, he may suffer from isolation. We will notice that he becomes isolated when he becomes less active or harassed. The person may choose to stay away from any social gatherings or may prefer to stay at home instead to watch TV or browse the web. It is also likely to begin to show hatred towards going to school. It is best to encourage him to enroll in a hobby or group sport, where he can enjoy with others in a friendly environment ( Sequoia, ).

Bullying impact on self-esteem. A child who is repeatedly harassed can develop into low self-esteem. Self-esteem is usually defined as the perception of the individual for himself. The years of a person’s childhood are very important because it is a time that can affect his self-esteem. If a child is constantly harassed at school or anywhere — either physically or verbally — he will gradually lose confidence in himself. He may even come to hate himself for so-called “weaknesses” or “flaws.” For example, if children are harassed by their glasses, they may want to stop wearing them. This is the time when it is important for parents to talk to a child and protect him from bullying. It may be useful to make him understand how each child differs, and that he should be proud of his own uniqueness ( Sequoia, ).
Bullying impact on physical health. Physical bullying is the most obvious form of bullying (). This happens when children use physical procedures to gain power and control their goals (Sherri Gordon, 2018). This can be done by pushing, punching, kicking, biting, scratching, and hitting any other form of physical violence. The physical effect it can cause can be devastating and can even contribute to the growth of heart problems due to the high level of stress the body is constantly subjected to. It is therefore important to put bullying in the cradle in childhood before it affects life later (ASPCC. 2014).


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