1. More than half of the children don’t complain to the teacher about bullying.
2. Approximately one out of five children bullying reports are filed every day.
3. 10% of students are bullied once in a week.
4. 25% of bullying decreases after bullying prevention programs.
5. The students are bullied on the basis of race, gender, sexuality, religion and disability and many other.
6. 47% of boys bullying starts in 9th standard.
7. Nowadays there are many cases of cyberbullying.
8. About 9 out of 10 students are bullied due to their sexual orientation.
9. This is a myth that girls do less or no bullying. They bully in other ways like spreading rumors, out casting the fellows etc.
10. Bullying is commonly done in group.
11. One out of four teacher don’t take bullying seriously, that’s why children often think that seeking help from adults is not helpful.
12. One out of ten students drop out the school because of bullying.
13. In Middle school physical bullying is at peak.
14. There are four categories of bully- verbal, physical, relational and cyberbullying.
15. Girls victims of bullying more likely remain the same and get bullied as they grow younger.
16. Famous sportsman like Michael Phelps was bullied in the school for his big ears.
17. Over 67% of children believes that school don’t or poorly respond to bullying.
18. In high school physical bullying decreases but verbal bullying remains constant throughout the education period.
19. Kids with learning problems are more likely to be bullied.
20. One in every ten children tell to their parents about cyberbullying.
21. Kate Winslet, Lady Gaga also faced bullies in the school.
22. Students who face bully in the school, they are more likely to face bully at the workplace.
23. 160,000 students skip the school because of the fear of bully.
24. In many cases of cyberbullying, they even don’t know who is bullying them.
25. As compare to girls, boys are less likely to report against the bullying.
26. Children with any medical conditions or any facial deformity are more likely to get bullied.
27. Every year about4,400 children commit suicide because of bullying.
28. More than 10% of children are bullied on the daily basis.
29. 10% of bullied children tried to attempt suicide.
30. There are researches that suggests that the bully children have more chances to get involve in crimes in younger age.
31. 41% of children who bullied faces social anxiety.
32. The victims who reply or fight with the bully, most of the times situation get worse in the future for the victims.
33. There are many laws against certain form of bullying like abusive calls or text, assault, theft etc.
34. Children who got bullied most likely to bully others in future.
35. About 44% of people who were bullied experience depression.
36. 83% of bullies who are involve in cyberbullying are also involve in bullying in person.
37. Cyberbullying is highest in high schools.
38. Bully is most common in school, but it can happen in prison, home, family etc.
39. About 74% of LGBT students are bullied verbally.
40. Studies says that 75% of shooting that happen in school is because of bullying.
41. 282,000 children are physically attacked every month by the bullies.
42. Children at the age of three can also be victim of bully.
43. 3.2 million children are victim of bullying every year.
44. 90% of students are bullied in 4th through 8th standard.
45. Bullied students say that they are bullied most in the stairwell at school and in classroom.
46. Bully leaves very bad impact on mental situation of the victim.
47. 23% of cyberbullied victim notify someone in school.
48. Children who are bullied have nine times more suicidal thoughts.
49. There are many programs like Anti-Bullying Day, Anti-Bullying Week, International STAND UP to Bullying Day etc. are organized against bullying.
50. Researches shows that after changing the school the student remains victim of the bully.


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