Bud not want to be drafted he

Bud not want to be drafted he

Bud Palmateer “It’s never over to it’s over”. This is Bud Palmateers favorite quote. That is his favorite quote because it is a powerful inspiration to him. Finish things to the best of his ability.

It also gives him the motivation and confidence to achieve his goals.Bud Palmateer was born on January 1, 1943 in Yale Michigan. His parents Glen Ford and Phyllis Palmateer raised him. He grew up on a large family dairy farm.

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He has six brothers and one sister. Their names are Sharon, Charles, Harold, Donald, Jim, Timothy, and Thomas. Bud’s favorite games as a kid were baseball, and cops ; robbers. Over his lifetime he has had 8 dogs. Their names where Buzz, Lucky, Brownie, Patsy, Scotty, Hidey, Elmo, and Max. His favorite memory as a kid was when he got his first bike; it was a 3 speed Schwinn Corvette.As a teenager, Bud had to milk cows, in the morning and in the evening.

They had about 36 milking cows. Bud’s favorite subject in school was music class and choir. He attended Yale high school, and Eastern Michigan University. The one family tradition Bud participated in was going to church every Sunday morning. Bud had a curfew of about 10 o’clock p.m.

, but it got a little later as he got older. He lived and worked on his family’s dairy farm. It was in the countryside of Yale, Michigan.

Bud was in college when the Vietnam War was taking place and because of the fact he did not want to be drafted he was motivated to stay in school.Buds first job besides working on his family’s dairy farm was working at a gas station. He was paid 90 cents an hour pumping gas. Bud got married at the age of 24. He met his wife at a church group. He has been married now for 38 years. Bud went to Alaska in August of 1969.

Him and his wife drove 4,000 miles to get to a dairy farm by Fair Banks, Alaska. It took them about 10 days to make the trip by car. During their trip they were able to see the Rocky Mountains. While they drove by the Rockies they saw mountain goats. During their few month stay in Alaska, they lived in a log cabin on the dairy farm. Bud was able to hunt moose and bear which he enjoyed.

They also experienced a few tremors, which scared them considerably. They took the Alaskan high way to get home. There were checkpoints every so many miles. This was to ensure everyone’s safety because if someone’s car broke down it would be likely that they would freeze to death because of the extremely bitter cold temperatures. During the drive, on the Alaskan highway, they where able to see a glacier, that was close to the road. Bud enjoyed this trip very much.As an adult, Bud had 3 kids named Bill, Liz, and Mary.

They have all graduated from high school and to college. His dreams for his children are that they live a happy married life. Bud has been retired from being an insurance claim agent for about 9 months.

He is enjoying ever minute of being retired. The only thing that he doesn’t like about being retired is that he doesn’t get a paycheck any more. Bud feels that the biggest accomplishment he has made is raising 3 children. He feels that this is his biggest accomplishment because he feels that it is important to be a good father. The person that has had the biggest influence on his life is a middle age pastor named Jim Coulter from when he was newly wedded. Some of the historical events he has lived through are John F. Kennedy’s assassination, his memories of this were that the whole nation mourned his death and the people where stunned.

Martin Luther King Jrs, assassination, Bobby Kennedy’s assassination, the Challenger blowing up, Desert Storm, 9-11, and the Vietnam War. Bud’s thoughts of the Vietnam war are, that it seemed to be never ending and that the reporters didn’t report anything but the bad news and the people were up set with the war because that’s all the news showed and that this motivated him to stay in school. My memories of Bud are that he is an awesome caring person that enjoys working with other people. Bud has thought and showed me a lot of valuable and interesting things in the time that I have known him.

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