we can cover the movies

we can cover the movies

we can cover the movies, their historical accuracy, and even the patriotic and psychological influence is has on us during the current conflict.For each movie I think we should first describe the historical event, explain how accurate the movie portrayed the event, and finally what residual message the movie leaves behind.William Wallace is a hero to the Scots, to be sure, but much of him seems to be borne in legends, now.

There is not a great deal to be known about him. He was born at Elderslie, in Paisley Parish. His father was a vassal of the High Steward of Scotland, James Stewart. It is possible that Wallace received some education at Paisley Abbey, for it does appear that he knew Latin and French. He had uncles who were priests, and it is likely that they taught him. He married Marian Braidfoot around 1297 in the church of St.

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Kentigern in Lanark. As portrayed in the film Braveheart, Marian (or Murron) was indeed murdered under the direction of the English sheriff of Lanark, William de Hazelrig, in May of 1297. However, it appears that, in reality, she was killed because Wallace had done more than protect her from a previous assault by English soldiers, as depicted in the film.

It seems that he had already risen against the English when they killed Marian in reprisal.Pictures:http://www.macbraveheart.freeserve.co.

uk/html/movie/pictures_page_1.htmThis movie is about war between the English and the scotch rebellion people. A scotch brave knight (William Wallace) comes to lead his people of Scotland to victory in a few battles with the English, which makes a threat to the king of England. The English king sends his French daughter in law to negotiate Words/ Pages : 281 / 24

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