“” side of the piers are huge boulders

“” side of the piers are huge boulders

“” by: Jeff As I approach the island on which my dream house awaits, I catch a quick glimpse of it. It is huge, and is the most noticeable building in the area. My private plane lands on the air strip next to the house. I get out of the plane and start my journey through a heavily wooded path leading to my dream house.

I walk with anxiety toward the house at which I will spend the rest of my life. All around me lie the most beautiful trees and plants you have ever seen. It is peaceful but you can hear the sounds of birds chirping and small forest creatures frolicking in the under brush. As I continue to walk along the path the end starts to appear. I now see my house for the first time up close.

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Nothing could have prepared me for the moment I was about to experience.My house that I designed is all I imagined and more. It is a four story dream on a huge fifteen acre lot. As I approach the stairs at the entrance to the house I am surrounded by four columns leading to the most elegant doors I have ever seen. They are made of mahogany and have a stained glass window in the center. The handles and the frame is made of brass.

As I continue around the house I come across three windows overlooking the entrance to the house. There are black shutters on each window.As the porch continues to the south side of the house I am now looking over the Pacific Ocean. A huge eight foot picture is facing the same way I am. As I look down and observe the ocean I see two piers jutting out into the Pacific. On either side of the piers are huge boulders protecting the coast line from erosion.

The house’s walls are made of stucco and it has an old fashion shingles that are a clay color. As I walk into the back yard I am surrounded by the best things a man could ever want. Well not quite everything! But a lot of things.

I walk toward the road and I first come across a basketball court. To the left of the basket ball court is a tennis court. There is a bar in between the two to take a break at between games. On the opposite side of the yard there is an in ground swimming pool that is connected to the pool inside the house.

As my journey comes to a close I notice a white gazebo off to the east of the house. It is in a position such that you can see anyone entering or leaving the lot if you are sitting in it. As my plane leaves to go home to pack I take one last look at the house. I think to myself, “Yes this is my dream house, My dream house.” ————————————————————–

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