Biofuels intended to replace the fuel from petroleum

Biofuels intended to replace the fuel from petroleum

Biofuels intended to replace the fuel from petroleum. They are a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels because they are renewable and less toxic to the environment. This work aims, firstly, to eliminate one of the major pollutants olive residue and waste vegetable oils such residues have become a double necessity; ecological and economic, transforming them into value-added, namely biodiesel. And, secondly, to contribute to sustainable development by offering a renewable energy source meeting the energy issues of the day as the mastery of greenhouse gas emissions and preservation of non-renewable fossil resources.

The use of reclaimed vegetable oil from restaurants, for use as a fuel for road vehicles, has received a lot of attention in recent years. Used vegetable oils contain solids and free fatty acids due to oil breakdown during the frying process. The synthesis of biodiesel by transesterification of vegetable oils was carried out in this study. Two varieties of oils are used in this work, the first type is the waste oils used in frying and the second are olive-pomace oils. Waste oil residue becomes harmful to the environment. To remedy this, recovery becomes a necessity. In this experiment we determine some physicochemical properties of the oils used and biodiesel obtained. At the end of this study, a comparison of our results with the Algerian standard showed that biodiesel has properties of diesel and biodiesel addition improves cetane number and some other parameters.

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