The problem I selected was

The problem I selected was

The problem I selected was that of what is the best way to prepare teenagers for future challenges. A good solution I believe to help teenagers help prepare for future challenges is to do role-playing. Role-playing can give a person a close to first hand experience. Helping teens be aware of what’s going on today, and showing them what steps they can take to prevent certain things from getting worse will help prepare them for what the future holds. When it comes to the economy, especially right now, teenagers need to be widely aware of the use of credit cards.Being able to explain how continuous spending and using credit cards to pay for items that are more wants than necessities can show how to think responsibly when it comes to shopping.

Another issue teens should be aware of is that of the environment. With global warming the environment is suffering. More and more communities are getting involved with clean up’s around the United States. The slogan “go green” has many Americans doing their part in helping to prevent further messes for the environment. Children are learning to recycle.

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More and more people are doing whatever they can to go green.Many grocery stores are now selling re-usable grocery bags to help consumers use less plastic bags. Having teens be aware that every piece of trash does affect every person that lives on the planet may open their eyes to even create newer ways to reuse certain items and come up with different packaging materials that can be recycled as well.

Everything going on in the world today will affect the future. Being able to teach teenagers the possibilities of tomorrow can help the economy and the environment. Role-playing certain situations can help open the eyes of teenagers to see the dangers of the future.

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