The The result of peer pressure 4

The The result of peer pressure 4

The result of peer pressure1 Unit 7 Project The result of peer pressure Audrey Ford PS220-03 The result of peer pressure 2 The attitudes and values from when I was a teenager and those of the 21st century have not changed much since the time I was growing up. Today there are many teenager’s starting at an earlier age since the time I grew up. The teenager’s today are different because they areThe result of peer pressure 3 The pros and cons of sex education in the schools system, well the pros of sex education in the school will be the not knowing about sex which leads to the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. There is no doubt that the spread of Aids sense the eighty’s and ninety’s truly has proven to us that education and information is very important.

Yes having this discussion can help to encourage, teenagers to think about the responsibilities that are attached to sexual relationships.Abstinences ignore the fact that many teenagers are already engaging in sexual relationships. Abstinence is also thought of as outdated because according to religious teachings it will most likely be a personal choice and is expected to be normal for everyone. The cons of sex education in the schools system is the teenagers are not getting the message. Think about the number of teenage pregnancies and the claiming rate of sexually transmitted diseases. Sexual responsibility with custom education can hinder rather than serve as a purpose.It is the wrong approach.

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Discussing sexual practice and relationships openly among these teenagers encourage sexual activity before they are ready, this adds to peer pressure and underestimate the worth or importance of its own message due to the risk of classroom derision. I think that all classroom education should support abstinence. My reason for saying this is because these teenagers are being taught about sex instead, they should be taught about not having sex.This is not to say that it will stop them from having sex but, teaching them to be safe and to protect themselves just seem like its telling them its okay to have sex as long as they protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases or getting pregnant. The result of peer pressure 4 The elements of successful prevention programs are programs that are equipped to teach teens the differences between accurate and inaccurate information.

Some of the things that should be discussed are moral and social issues and the perspectives on sex and sexuality, which different cultural attitudes and sensitive issues will come up like sexuality, abortion and contraception to help teach young people skills to know the difference. These teens can be exposed to a wide range of attitudes and beliefs in account to sex and sexuality. This really can appear contradictory and confusing to these young people.

The media can really send very bad health messages prominence the risks and dangers that come with sexual activity.Media has a broad range that promotes the idea of being sexually active makes a person more appealing and grown up feeling more like an adult. Being that both sex and sexuality are sensitive topics, teens and sex educators can have strong opinions on what attitudes people should have and what ethical framework should rule people’s behavior and these could seem to be at differences. Many of these teens are interested in the ethical and cultural frameworks that attach sex and sexuality.It’s so important not to forget that talking in a balanced way about unlikeness of opinion that will not promote one set of views over another, nor does one agrees with a particular view.

There has to be where they can explore and have understanding of cultural, religious, and ethic views knowing that they can agree to disagree. These young people have the opportunity with the effective sex education to explore the reasons why people have sex, giving them time to think about how it involves emotions. It also helps them to have respect for themselves and others feelings, decisions, and bodies.

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