Feb. that to be rich you had to

Feb. that to be rich you had to

Feb. 25.

2004The Rocking Horse WinnerA) Vocabulary1. Lucre: informal terms for money2. Shilling: an English coin worth one twentieth of a pound3. Serene: characterized by absence of emotional agitation4. Iridescent: varying in color when seen in different lights or fromdifferent angles5.

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Quaint: marked by beauty or eleganceB) Questions1. At the beginning we can read the story from a very different way. It hadthe same idea but different character and different setting, the same thingat the ending. Both of them have the same idea. It tells us that the storyis about luck, and money and what happens to people who keep looking forthem very badly. They will lose their loved once very easily for this onesmall thing.

2. Paul seemed to be the first to realize it when he asked his mother whydon’t we keep a car of our own? Why do we always use Uncle’s, or else ataxi? When she replied that it was because they were poor he asked why andshe said because your father has no luck. I believe it was from thisconversation that he realized that to be rich you had to be lucky, what hecould not figure out was how you got lucky.3.

His drive to find luck was fuelled by the whispers that he heardthroughout the house there must be more money. He thought that if he foundluck he would be able to make enough money to make the whispers stop.4. For that is what he had become. He eventually knew who would win butended up dying during the night without having been able to enjoy theeighty thousand pounds that he had won for being lucky.

As you can see, therecurring theme in this story was luck, a thing some people call a gift butin this case it ended up being a curse. Paul did prove to his mother thatyou could find luck but what he did not realize then was that there wouldbe a terrible price to pay for it.5. His method of searching for luck was rather unusual and eventually ledto his downfall. While everyone was going about their regular business Paulwould ride like crazy on an old rocking horse he had in his bedroom. Hethought that if he rode long enough he would eventually find luck

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