This company is characterized as being unique in producing building blocks. In 2004, this company was losing about one million people a day due to poor performance, missed appointments, long development times and innovation, and inability to keep pace with demands. Lego’s is a toy aimed at children. For the labor sector, this company has several separate production lines for both boys and girls. The company has entered online virtual games and video games, so people have merged with their LEGO creations and this has attracted adults. Lego is characterized by the diversity of its products to target and meet the requirements of different groups within the targeted segment.

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Some of the key problems that Lego are facing reside around internal and external issues.
1. Poor performance, and missed deadlines
2. Long development/ innovation times, and items were out of stock


The poor performance and deadlines in the company led to the loss of many of the objectives of the company, which is to maintain profits, and continued growth, innovation and quality in production. Moreover, it has also impeded access to a large segment of customers and has also contributed to the reduction of expenses in the production and supply phases and has resulted in efficiency. As well as long periods of development and innovation on the organization, and finally on IS strategies.


1. I will recommend perseverance and continuity of the culture of innovation and maintain high efficiency in the Lego business process and thus maintain the high level of heat in the products. BY reducing the development time to 50% will result in speed in the business process.
2. Regeneration in the organization and investment strategies often have a positive impact on the organization internally and this renewal extends to the production process and the supply chain so that it becomes more efficient and less expensive.


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