Visibility exist in my searches, managing to find

Visibility exist in my searches, managing to find

Visibility over the internet “Lego. com” We live in a world where internet it is taking over more and more space, in our lives, whether we use it to buy , sell , socializes, find things, information, and the list could continue. To be easily discovered over the internet as company it is an art and so difficult to do it sometimes, but if you manage to be on top or close to it can bring you so many advantages.

As I was trying to test the visibility on line of the Lego company without using the term “lego” in my search, as I consider to be a new customers that wanted to buy new toys and there for not knowing the company.One the first part I have implement different criteria on my search connected to the word “toys” or something similar to it, to see the results and to see how close to the top would Lego appear. To say that I was surprised to see that one of the largest toys manufactures in the world wouldn’t even exist on some of my searches over the internet. Second part, Lego it’s considered to be a company which emphasize on creativity products, having games that would stimulate your imagination, the ability of creating new things, models.I have introduced on my research for toys the term creativity or something close to it. Again I have to say that I was surprised to see that Lego would not exist in my searches, managing to find other unknown competitors, but not the famous lego bricks.

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On the third part, I have tried to use terms more closely to the Lego Company’s products like: “Pirates of the Caribbean, The Stars Wars toys, or Toy Story toys”. In this case, I still didn’t found their toys or the Lego site, but I can say that I did found them with the help of some of the big retailers on line e. g. Amazon I have to mention the fact that on some of my searches for toys, over the internet I managed to find way ahead of the Lego Company, some of its strong competitors like: Mattel or Hasbro.

There is still room for improvement of the visibility on line of the Lego Company. The report recommends that the Lego Company would strive to make it easier for the new customers to find the products of the company by implementing some of the key words in order to bring the Lego products on top or close to it on the searches for toys over the internet. The impossibility of a custom purchase online

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