Author Natalie Angier

Author Natalie Angier

Author Natalie Angier, in her article “One Thing They Aren’t: Maternal” speaks on how some mothers of animals are not motherly. Society believes that mothers are known to be nurturing, caring, and just plain “motherly”. This article by Angier shows a separate perspective than what the norm is, and that’s what made this article so much more thought-provoking. I believe Angier was trying to show the myth that maternity of most animals is wrong. Although there were many different facts about dozens of animals in the world, it was repetitive in Angier’s purpose was to expose how mothers of animals really aren’t maternal. One thing that I thought was very effective was the tone. Even though Angier is trashing how animal mothers care for their young she keeps a very melon Cali tone throughout the article. Angier’s article is addressed to all the people who thought that animal mothers were motherly. Angier’s provided us with a lot of evidence that some animal mothers are terrible mothers but, the mothers still have the best interest for their off-spring.
I cannot say that I directly relate to the story being told, however I believe that at some human mothers do cut their children off and allow them to learn some lessons for themselves. If my mother was to do everything for me I would still be depend on her at age 24. I would be an adult physically but mentally I would still be a child. My mother started giving me little more independence as a I aged. When I was younger I was given chores that I was supposed to do every day. If I were to do my chores every day without being asked at the end of the week I would receive an allowance. One year I wanted a pet cat for me to get the cat I had to write to my mother why I wanted the cat and how to take care of the cat. My mother allowed me to get the cat she showed me how to care for the cat for the first three days and after that I was left to care for the cat on my own. My mother was showing me independence and responsibility. My mother did not leave me high and dry to fend for myself she gave to the tools need to start my independence just like the mother rabbit. Mother rabbit nurses her pups for the first 26 days for 2 minutes then she is gone. “On day 26, she abandons them completely, and the bunnies must crawl from the nest and make their way in the world on their own”.
To most people this may seem awfully crewel, but the mother only does it because she loves them. Its like after each whooping I received as a child my mother would sit me down talk to me explain why I received the whooping and in closing she would say I only do it because I love you. “Rabbits are a highly popular prey, and many predators will pursue them into their burrows. To to keep the fox from the nursery door, the mother rabbit shuns the room. Her Absence may not male her pups’ hearts grow fonder, but it may keep those hearts thumping a little longer”. I believe animal mothers are “motherly” in their own way. The author was trying to debunk the myth that maternity of most animals is wrong. Animal mothers may seem awfully crewel but they have their off-springs best interest at heart.


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