Throughout this report there will be discussion on what happened before

Throughout this report there will be discussion on what happened before

Throughout this report there will be discussion on what happened before, during, and after the financial crisis of 2008. This report will not only cover all information that is generally common knowledge for most people like what happened throughout the banks and within the stock markets and into more depth like what the banks knew they were doing that lead to the 2008 financial crisis. There will also be discussion on the topics of the environment leading up to this tragic event following with the severity of this crisis and what it did then to affect how we act and go about certain things in today’s economy. Including the changes the banks had to make to not only correct this crisis but what they had to do to prevent something like this ever happening again. One positive that always comes out of a tragedy is how history and knowledge on this financial crisis helped fixed our weak spots in the economy and helped strengthen the economy as a whole. Then the report will go into depth on how our society and all parts of our government not only went about this situation but how they made the adjustments and how they reacted during this crisis. With an economy like ours it’s not about if a crisis is going to happen it’s all about when it is going to happen and what are we doing to prepare for it and get out of the crisis with the least amount of damages caused. When a lot of factors are involved in any decision it is almost a guarantee to expect crises but what makes an economy a great economy is how we handle our situations and problems that lead to the issues. Then lastly the report is going into detail on how we adjusted and changed from then to now and the overlook and view on what our financial industry looks and acts now. We are not perfect but the goal is to always be working to be the best and to always try to become perfect. The financial industry did a good job at getting us out of this crisis and put a lot of barriers in place to help prevent an issue like this from happening again. The report will also cover where we are now within the financial industry.


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