AddAttention better understood. The parent feel that

AddAttention better understood. The parent feel that

AddAttention deficit disorder is a condition characterized by the attention span that is less than expected for the age of the person. There is often age inappropirate hyperactivity and impulsivness.

Attention deficit disorder is broken down in three sub catergories. Attention disorder dificit / hyperacity disorder: combined type, predominate inattentive and predominatly hyperactive or impulsive. The cause of the disorder is unknown. Some contributing factors includes prenatal toxic exposure and prematurity. There frequently is a family history of school problems, behavioral disorder or other psych- social problem.

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Sometimes a history of injuries to the central nervous systeem exsit. People with attention deficit disorder ( ADD) are easily distracted, and may be unable to focus more than a few moments on mental tasks. . They lack the ability to block out noise. A simple noise can capture their attention. ADD children are often in a state of confusion.

They are poor at prioritizing, recognizing what is important, and making decisions based on reverent factors ( Taylor 15) While observing a child with ADD for one hour a few key things stood out. The child failed to complete tasks assigned to him and he was unable to follow more than one instruction at a time. Attention Deficit Disorder affects social and family relationships, school performance and self esteem.Family relationships is most crucial when there is a child with an attention deficit disorder.

A child with ADD needs structure and a set routine. They need regular meals and a well ordered environment. Examples would be to label shelves and cubbyholes to organize toys. Bed time is extremely important to a child with ADD.

The key symtoms of ADHD is fatique.While interviewing a parent of a child with ADD some of their views were better understood. The parent feel that he is misunderstood, overburden and under helped ( Evan). Minutes after the interview the strain and frustration is obviuos.

. As a parent loving your child is natural but one coulld see that the theory was being put to the test. Resentment and protectiveness are natural results of raising a child with ADD (Taylor 205). School Performance is another are affected by children with Attention Deficit Disorder. 50% of children are said to be underachieving or under performing in school and about 10% to 40% have learning disabilities( Taylor 256). The reason could is that many of them find that it is hard to follow instructions. The attention span is so short that a lot of ADD children end up in special education classes.

Special Education classes gives them a more one on one type interaction. This is the most favorable but most expensive solution.For the ADD child that stays in a regular class the teacher can take a lot precautions to help the ADD child reach his or her full potential. When assignments are long teachers may want to assign only the even problems. Wachtel states that writing is the most difficult for a child with ADD, the teacher might consider having the child answer questions orally or dictate soem of his or her homework ( 95). ADD children should be given enough time to complete activities.

Attention defiicit disorder children do best with teachers who are flexible and who recoginize the different learning styles ( Wachtel 100). Teachers can make a big difference in the life of a child with an attention deficit disorder.Self esteem is a common concern for children with attention Deficit Disorder. Lack of self esteem an result from the child feeling worthlessness, confused, rejected, uncontrollable and angry.

Armstrong states theat the developmet of a strong sense of self occurs as a result of a child having life experiences acknowledged and validated by significant people around him, including support from parents, teachers and peers(116). Armstrong suggest sharing time during the evening where everyone in the family hasd a chance to talk about at leat one great thing he did during the day. There are so many thing parents can do at home to gibe the attention deficit disorder child a sense of self worth. Every child is special ans unique. They all deserve a chance to grow into happy healthy adults. The ADD child has a slight disadvantage but that does not mean they can not succed.

Help is available to parents, kids and teachers. ADD does not have to be a disaster for all involved. Support groups are available. Support groups are good for not only support but is also good forum in which to share problems and solutions( Wachie 165).

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