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soc us to decrease andcontrol crime in America.

To begin to do this, as our book Sociology by Jon M. Shepard states, we must recognize the extent to which crime occurs.Their are eight index crimes: murder, forcible rape, robbery, aggravatedassault, burglary, larceny-theft, motor vehicle theft and arson. In 1995, thenumber of index crimes totaled 13,867,143.When we compare the crimerates to those of other countries we see that the United States has the highestmurder, rape and robbery rates. What can we do to decrease the rate ofPersonally, I think that the best way to decrease crime in the UnitedStates is to create stiffer penalties accompanied by a swifter offense/punishement rate for crime offendors. Punishment does not have thedeterrent effect that it would have because crimnals don’t believe that they will get caught and if they do they don’t believe that the punishment will betoo severe.

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It is pertinent that would be criminals see that the penalty for committing a crime outweighs the possible immediate gratification committing said crime would bring. That is why punishment must be implicated in an expiditious manner and in a magnitude proportionate to thecrime committed. If the United State were to make a significant example out of crime offenders by means of the punishment they received, it would havea deterrant effect on would be crime offenders considering the same act. Inforeign countries such severe punishments include flaugging, removal of essential body parts, etc. Such punishments are severe enough to discouragefuture crime. I think that our governement has so little control of the peopleas far as enforcing laws is concerned becausethey are so concerned about satisfying the public and the public’s opinion when it comes to applying the I believe that incapacitation does little in the way of rehabilitatingcriminals. We need to focus on the issue that brings a crimnal to commit aparticular crime.

If we get to the root of why people commit the crimes theydo, we might be able to prevent others from commiting the same crimes. I think that much of what people do and how they act is a factor of theenvironment in which they are surrounded. Parents lay the foundation forwhat you will become in life, yet outside influences also have a lot to do withthe overall person you become; from relatives, to teachers, to classmates.

I think it is important for parents to control the environment in which their kidsdevelop if at all possible. I believe that the best way to prevent crime isBibliography:

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