As we all know

As we all know

As we all know, crime is an action which is something that we are not supposed to encourage. We need to be cautious and stay alert even if it is broad daylight. We can describe definition of crime as an action that be punishment by law know as a crime. Many action of crime that we can see like trafficking, smuggling, violent gang wars, kidnapping and the most violent crimes that have scared netizens are rapping and murders. Based on my researched, snatch theft and crime index 2017 in Kuala Lumpur rose to 1,010 cases compared to 640 cases for the same period last year. There are many factors why criminal crimes increase because people need to survive in this urbanized country therefore they are encouraged to commit crimes in order to live in this increasing cost of living era. In this essay, I would like to discuss about few prevention how to reduce criminal cases increase. There are three main ways how to reduce criminal cases which is law enforcement.
First of all, re-introduction of Civics and Citizenship Education (PSK) subjects to primary and secondary school is one of the prevention how to reduce criminal cases. This PSK subject is one way towards create youth’s noble character and aims to nurture pure values in every teenagers. An individual is able to solve the problems he faces without the elements of violence, culture, understanding religious diversity and being able to contribute to national development with through the re-introduction of this subject. This can be supported in New Straits time stated by Therefore, re-introduction re-introduction of Civics and Citizenship Education or special subjects that teenagers can learn is one of the prevention how to reduce criminal cases.

Additionally, among the initiatives we can take as a step to prevent crime being the most important issue in the country is to create a city-safe and secure city concept. This concept covers a very large scope for discussion. Various measures have been taken in the process of creating a city and a safe city concept. Among them are the escort by certain parties such as Rela, Rukun Tetangga, Polis and others in order to ensure that the area is free from theft cases, robbery, rape, snatch and so on. With the escorting of teams, at least they can scare the criminal from doing their activities and in turn create a city-safe and secure city concept. Help from today’s technology tools can help us perfect the concept of safe city and town. Closed-circuit cameras can be installed as a precautionary measure. This simple can be evidence of a crime occurring in the area. If the concept of city and town is safe to be created, it would be a sense to have the criminals from doing activities in the area. In this way, the concept of city and town is clearly an effective effort to prevent crime.

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The first prevention of how to reduce criminal cases is by law enforcement. Through law enforcement, government can create a greater punishment for those who did not abide the law and guilty by their own crime. Punishment is a necessary evil sometimes needed to serve and to deter criminals who commit a crime whether it is serious crime cases or light crime cases. When the criminal receive the punishment, they will realize that the effect after the punishment are worse than they had thought physically and mentally. Soon, they will never try to repeat back their crime again because they will know that every crime that occur has it’s own retaliation awaiting for them. Some of example of punishments that we can look are

In addition, crime prevention campaigns can also be held at each school. Various regular campaigns are held to raise awareness among adolescents especially primary school level. This is because students at this level are less vulnerable to criminal activity. With this, they will be afraid of committing crimes after engaging in awareness campaigns held at schools. Among the many crime-prevention campaigns often held at schools are such as video shows, exhibits organized criminal activities and obliging complainants to police officers to present giving a speech on the crime, the consequences and punishment of the offender. Therefore, awareness campaigns should be held to raise the awareness of teenagers who have been very worried over the past.


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