Quality TheAlexis Park offers pools, spa, health club,

Quality TheAlexis Park offers pools, spa, health club,

Quality Assurance Inspector, Diane Tongsiri, was sent by the Assessment of Managementto evaluate and inspect the Alexis Park Hotel and Convention Center. It is a 500 roommid-range property with a convention center and it’s located in Las Vegas, NV.

TheAlexis Park offers pools, spa, health club, restaurants, lounge, gift shop, ballrooms,seminar rooms, barber shop, Dollar rent-a-car, Al Philips, two separate towers and one inprogress. The objective is to investigated the property due to low profits, lawsuits,unsatisfied guests, and fights ; sexual harassment suits between employees.Alexis Park has many poor qualities, one being location.

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The property is locatednear a freeway and is surrounded by low end apartments. Resulting in easy get-awayaccess to the freeway. Residents at the low-end apartments have the opportunity to scopeout the property and attack easily while at home. Another faulty of this property is thebarriers and the weak security offered.

Bushes in the front makes it easy for non-guests togain access to the property. The 6-foot cinder block fence between the low-endapartments also allow easy access and lenient escapes for intruders. Between the towersthere are no barriers to keep outsider off the property. The pool has no fences around itwhich makes it dangerous and open to the public.

The security at Alexis Park consists ofolder ex-law enforcement from New York. The patrol is done by foot and there is onlyone camera in the front desk. This shows that their security system needs to be updated. The key system used is the old standard tumbler key. All these defects have resulted inhigh crime rates such as breaking and entering, grand auto theft, assaults, robbery,tagging, and vandalism. Besides the external flaws, the staff is also inadequate.

There hasbeen 11 food-borne illness incidents in the coffee shop, 5 guest slip and falls, 2 employeefights (involving in 5 employee terminations), and 6 sexual harassment incidents the pastyear, involving management. As you see the problems in this property are internal as wellas external. Recommendations for this property would be to raise the 6 foot cinder block fenceor take them out and replace them with gates. Gates with monitored entrances and propermarkings would be the best way.

Another resolution is to expand the property and buyout the low-end apartments. The Alexis Park should hire a contract security to ensurehigher safety. Install about 20 cameras and some fake ones throughout the propertyespecially in the parking lots. These cameras need to be placed where the highest crimerates go on such as entrances, elevators, hallways, loading docks, and ect. The fake oneswill just give the illusion of more security. The parking lot needs to be more lit up and thelight bulb needs to have glass protection to prevent it from being easily broken. Theproperty needs to enclose the pool area with a fence that locks so only the guests haveaccess.

Pool hours need to be posted and horseplay prohibited. Another suggestion is tosomehow connect the towers with the other buildings, such as the convention center andfront desk. Redo the standard tumbler key locks to electronic locks with random selectionof new key combinations for each guest. This should reduce the crime rates throughoutthe property.

All employees need to be retrained to ensure guest safety and to provide thebest customer service. Emphasis needs to be placed in food handling and sexualharassment. Also when hiring, human resource needs to check backgrounds morecarefully for employees as well as management. In conclusion, The Alexis Park needs to update their security and locks systems.

The property needs to redesign the exterior barriers for safety and retrain employees andmanagement. After the renovation of this property, it needs to have a re-grand opening,then profits should rise and lawsuits should fall.

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