Advice on hygiene

Advice on hygiene

Advice on hygiene, milk preparation, and promotion of breast feeding, enhanced many infants’ possibility of survival. These solutions to prevent infantile diarrhoea had helped form the Plunket Society’s methods and advice to mothers greatly for the first half of the twentieth century. Kings belief that breast feeding was the best option had never faltered. This was a belief that stemmed from a trip to Japan during the Russo Japanese war in 1904, King’s advocacy of breast feeding was influenced by the apparent fitness of the Japanese soldiers and he was particularly impressed by the physical fitness of the Japanese in addition to the custom of extended breastfeeding. He learned that virtually all Japanese mothers breastfeed their babies for ten months to a year. King aimed to give mothers “greater confidence in their power to breastfeed for their offspring and win them back to the natural expectation and desire to do so


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