The first moment I took the strengths assessment

The first moment I took the strengths assessment

The first moment I took the strengths assessment, I already knew that I am extremely responsible and futuristic person. I could see my top five strengths which are: responsibility, achiever, arranger, futuristic, and maximizer. Some of them came as a surprise like maximizer. I completely agree with all of them, although they describe so well. Also I enjoyed taking this assessment, receiving positive and satisfying results what made me feel proud of myself.
My first strength was Responsibility which means that I always go behind everything I promise, and I keep working on things until I achieve them. My next strength was Achiever which means that work hard with everything I propose myself, and give more desire to keep accomplishing. My third strength was Arranger that inspires me to know as much as possible about persisting in my life. My fourth strength was Futuristic which means that all the time I am thinking about the future with every goal I want and be optimistic about myself. My last strength was Maximizer that makes me discover the unique qualities and interests of each person to enjoy life more.
My strengths play a very important role in my life. They influence the way I think and plan my future according to what I want. Making a schedule with all my pending things helps me to stay organized and aware of everything I have to do. Academically this helps me be more effective.
My personal goals are much effortless. I want to be the person who lives according to my values. Knowing my strengths helps me because I can achieve a successful future it is much easier with this knowledge of my main strengths I can plan the future in a more strategic way to reach my goal for example I know one of my strengths is responsibility this helps me as a student with my time management since I work full time.
Although every strength is also a weakness, I know that with sufficient effort, my strengths will carry me to the place I belong. Whether my and lead me to become a responsible doctor one day. I will be perfectly fine. My achiever strength will allow me to be successful with anything that comes in my life, because good results are the fruit of hard work.
I am going to be a doctor. I am not sure what specialty or work environment I want but I am completely sure that I want to be on the medical field.
My parents acknowledged my ability to analyze situations, and make my decisions always thinking about my future. This is a skill that has benefited my academic life, because it allows me to get away more and more. I have always excelled in science and everything involved with it. This is why I see myself being, so I value their opinion for everything and I am so grateful that they see my way to succeeding in what I propose myself.
Weeks ago I realized that I rarely struggle to manage my time. I enjoy being organized and always being clear about what I want in my life with balance.
As a first year student at college, when I am so far away from achieving my goals. Knowing my strengths will help me success with my goals more easily because building a successful future is much easier if I know the tools I have to work with.
Knowing my top strengths, I can plan for the future more strategically. I am starting to work toward my strengths in different ways, for example managing my busy schedule. I keep focusing on my long-term relationships and goals with my personal life.
This assessment is very useful because they make people more aware of all developed strengths of which perhaps or they are aware previously. Personally knowing about my strengths and being able to maximize is helping me reach my goals.


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