Abortion week and is called saline infusion.

Abortion week and is called saline infusion.

Abortion is defined as the termination of pregnancy before the fetus is capable of independent life. Abortions must be conducted before the end off six months, or the fetus will leave the womb and it would be considered a premature birth.

There are two types of abortions. One is spontaneous and the other is induced. If the fetus ways less than 18oz or is less than 20 weeks into the pregnancy, it is usually considered an abortion. Spontaneous abortions are known by another name, miscarriages.

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These usually occur during the first three months of pregnancy. It is estimated that 25% of all pregnancies end in spontaneous abortion.The second form of abortion is induced abortion. This is the deliberate termination of the fetus. There are four main types of induced abortions. The first takes place up to 12 weeks. It is called vacuum aspiration.

This is where a tube attached to a vacuum is inserted into the uterus and sucks out the embryo and all other material. The second type takes place after the 15th week and is called saline infusion. Here, the doctors replace a little fluid with a salt solution. This causes the uterus to contract.

The fetus is then expelled. The third type is a hysterotomy. This is a similar procedure to a cesarean section. The only difference is, in this operation, is that the cut is smaller and lower. The fourth type is available in the first fifty days. It is a drug called RU-486. It was developed in France and approved for sale there in 1988.

Clinical trials in the United States began in 1994.When performed under proper conditions, the sooner the person has the baby, the less risk she is at. The likelihood of complications increase as the woman gets farther into the pregnancy. Although, an abortion has less of a risk of injury than does actually delivering the baby.Abortion is one topic that has been heavily debated.

Many cases have gone to court over an abortion. Perhaps the most famous case was Roe vs. Wade. It was a case that was settled in 1973 under Justice Blackman. The Supreme Court ruled that they could not ban abortions in the first six months of the pregnancy.

After six months, the states can ban an abortion except in cases in which the woman’s health is at risk.I think that there is a lot that can be done. First of all, I think that some kind of law needs to be created that will be supported by many. Secondly, we have to let the public be aware of all the things that are going on around them. Lastly, we have to keep the children’s future in mind.

Here is what I think should be done. A law should be passed that says: A woman does not have the right to an abortion, except in the case of rape or when the birth may endanger the life of the mother. If a woman is not eligible for an abortion, but does not want the baby, the state should find someone to adopt the baby. An additional fund should be given to the mother for delivering the baby. The one’s chosen to adopt should be well picked and capable of supporting the child well.

I feel this way because I am pro-life. I feel that every baby should be given the right to live. A baby should not be denied life because the mother does not want to care for it. That is why I feel that the unwanted children should always be set for adoption before the birth of the child. I also feel that the fund should be given to the mother because she had to take care of the baby in her womb for nine months.

I feel that women should be able to get an abortion in the event of rape because it is not with a person that she planned to have a child with. It is also obvious why I feel that women should be eligible for an abortion if her health is in danger. I have told you the way I feel, now it is time that we all make a decision on this topic. This is not some issue that will just die.

We have to make a ruling on this topic that people won’t regret.Philosophy Essays

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