A a great deal of education goes on.

A a great deal of education goes on.

A Title In Three ActsbyRyan Thomas ReisdoferThe Setting for this story that is about to be told, is some place that you are very familiar with, it could be anyone of the great higher educational institutions across the United States. In these facilities of higher learning, indeed a great deal of education goes on. However the greatest amount of learning is in the lower end of the educational spectrum. This is the end of the spectrum that deals with primordial human emotions, and the consequences of following through with the desires that come with the darker pre-human brain known as the medulla oblongata.To begin with the story unfolds in a college dorm room.

This could be any college dorm room, as they are all similar in ways that can be easily seen by anyone that has had the unfortunate opportunity to live in one. This also takes place on the first day of classes, shortly after getting moved in. There will undoubtedly be an exchange between roommates who have/been chosen to live out the next nine months together. In the first act of the title, we will examine this situation. (fade to scene) Our main character, we will say is named Toby.

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Toby is a typical college student coming from any of the larger sized cities in the mid-west. He is a person who takes a great deal of pride in knowing that he was very popular in high-school, and so far has made a great deal of new friends at school. Upon arrival at school Toby commenced to move his personal belongings in to his new room. After putting away his well chosen wardrobe, and setting up his extravagant entertainment center containing all the necessary components to enjoy digital surround sound sports center, Toby decided to kick back and enjoy one of his favorite movies, a cold soda, and some fruit snacks that his thoughtful mother had packed for him to make his stay more comfortable. About Ten minutes or so in to the movie he heard some commotion out his door, interested, he decided to investigate. Words/ Pages : 359 / 24

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