The the development of society today with the

The the development of society today with the

The term imperialism is the supremacy of one country of the political, economic or cultural life of another country or region. This imperialism took place in Africa and it began in the 1800. The Europeans had many motives to distribute the continent of Africa among each other to gain wealth and power.

The countries involved in this motion were Britain, France, Belgium, Italy, Germany and Portugal. This time was a detrimental period on the African people.This changed the life of the African greatly by implementing laws to govern and if these laws were broken one could imagined the punishment imposed on them.

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The African were said to be barbaric and uncivilised. But who are the Europeans to judge. They themselves behave in the manner they describe the Africans to be.

In my opinion the Europeans were wicked and had not the heart of a human. They believed that this venture benefited the African but in what way one will ask.The European was the one who reap all the benefits this mission.

After they exploited Africa, the Africans where left on their own to picked up the pieces and moved on. They impose on their land and eradicate the structure of Africa. The African faced hardship and pain due to the fact that the European nation came in with force to colonize their country. The feelings of hatred, ill-treatment and harsh inhumane activity that the African faced moved me emotional.

Looking back at the past learning about the hardships the Africans faced that benefits me in many way today. During this imperialism epoch Thousands of lives were claimed in places such as the Congo under Belgian rule in Africa. Although in some cases this imperialism epoch contributes to the development of society today with the building of infrastructure such as factories and rail ways.

This enables me to appreciate the past and have a wider concept with my criticism and respect the past as it is.

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