A great leader possesses a clear vision

A great leader possesses a clear vision

A great leader possesses a clear vision. He is courageous to lead that vision and has a clear focus of what needs to be done to attain that vision.

In many circumstances in the past few weeks leading to the elections, we saw one very clear role that Tun and his team of leaders had. They all led the role of articulating a clear vision for the future of Malaysia with a 100-day manifesto and this short-term vision gave hope to Malaysians of what Malaysia could be in the next 5 years to come if they are the governing administration.

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Tun not only united the parties for a common goal but he was able to influence and unite the hearts of the rakyat to achieve this one similar vision – to REFORM MALAYSIA.

However, this success and responsibility is not just a one-man task. The right timing and the role of the people is also significant. Though the parties have been rivals for years, they were forced to be united by the power of the people.

As with your organizations, your executives and employees could be working hard no doubt. But most of the time, they are not successful because they are all busy with their own goals and are not aligned with one another in achieving one common goal.

Thus, in business, the power of alignment between a leader and the team plays a significant role in ensuring the vision, goals and objectives are met.


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