5) Objectives

The objective of a Digital Marketing plan for E M Properties would be to create brand awareness, increase traffic and sales to its website by using different marketing channels that will soon be mentioned. Moreover, it is to achieve amongst others, the following

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? Reaching and engaging with the right audience
? Acquisition and conversion of leads into customers and their retention
? Customer satisfaction and motivation of the audience to take action
? A positive brand reach coupled with multiple web visitors, mostly offering positive sentiments
? Defined measurable Key Performance Indicators(KPI’s) set at the planning phase
? Efficient spending on the campaign
? And of course, return on investment (ROI)

6) Marketing Strategy

The marketing strategy section has been effectively completed covering all the relevant sections (STP). These are based on customer profile, departments, geographics, etc + web enhancements, Branding digital footprint.

4.1) Segmentation strategy
Under this strategy the following were mostly concentrated on, not excluding Geographically as the search would primarily happen online and in reference to the location where the property in question would be. Both the Psychographic and Behavioural segmentation will somehow get consumed by the new segmentation model to be introduced, Sociographic segmentation. This recently intoduced form of social network psychographic segmentation is known as Social-graphics and its role will be to dictate where and how activities are taking place online.
4.1.1 Demographic segmentation
As mentioned under the Social/Demographic analysis in 4.2.3, a large majority of the buying activity in Parklands can be attributed to younger generation consumers (18 to 36 years old), who account for around 45.75% of the buyers in the area. Another very active demographic are consumers aged between 36 and 49 years old, who are responsible for approximately 35.9% of recent buying activity. This group also represents about 47.41% of recent sellers and 46.19% of the current homeowners in the area.


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