According to my opinion degree is more important than skill because It gives you the power of knowledge

According to my opinion degree is more important than skill because It gives you the power of knowledge

According to my opinion degree is more important than skill because It gives you the power of knowledge . For example, an accountant who does not know proper accounting standard how they will answer the auditors’ question . An engineer also cannot build the apartment, bridges if she does not have a degree .
A university degree improves an individual’s knowledge, enhances intellectual thinking, makes more mature and ready to face the challenges of the workplace. Similarly a doctor cannot cure the diseases without a degree of medicine . Most employers especially like finance, lawyer, doctor should have a degree.A student who starts working immediately after leaving school will not be able to get a professional degree and hence cannot find employment in these sectors.
It is obvious that having a university degree is the best way to find a satisfactory job and critical for the brightest career. In the university, people are supposed to work hard on their specific areas for their degree and more better thoughtful of the knowledge in their sector than those who do not receive any university education. These academic skills will become a firm basis for their working skills, intelligence and diligence. For employers, a certificated university degree is a substantial proof of the competence of the employee.
In university degree that we could learn leadership, management organization and so on that will be useful in the workplace of analyse, manage your time and can soak up information and learn quickly. It’s good practice for networking.
One of my friend who school-leaver was asked to leave due to poor performance. She has no degree, and presumably not much experience either, this can be an extremely difficult position to find and getting another job isn’t easy.
To conclude, both university education and work experience have a role in guaranteeing a good job. Some occupations require a university degree while others do not. In my opinion, everyone should choose what is right for them. I personally believe, whether sceptics and advocates, that have significant impact upon people’s career and attending tertiary education could give benefit to their career further.
If you have a degree which can prove you have skills and some knowledge as related fields . Its help to improve work success and achieve a goal, self confidence and be smart . It likes a career ladder , u will achieve the gold . communication ,critical thinking ,problem solving , social skills .It can make a person more more polite ,confident in his approach and wiser . But these things are difficult to manage without a degree in hand.
A person is assessed through his qualifications which is reflected by his degree. Degree earns money and status for its master. The more specialised the degree, the higher the post and status and higher is the salary package.


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