In this section it is described the kind of methodology this study will use starting with research design, sampling method and data collection instrument and data analysis
To get the purpose of this study was to examine customer awareness and adoption of Islamic banking products and achieve objectives of the study there for the study employed descriptive research design method by both qualitative and quantitative by analysis the mean and standard deviations of respondents answers and looking correlation to know the relationship between customer awareness and usage of Islamic banking products the reason to why the chose descriptive is that it best fits in this study and it also have another good benefits like it takes less time and cost to do.
The target population employed in this study are the customers of 3banks in Mogadishu which are DAHABSHIIL BANK, SALAAMA BANK, PREMIER BANK which are the most used banks in Mogadishu those provide Islamic banking products since the basic banks practice Islamic banking in Mogadishu is considered appropriate to achieve the purpose and objectives of the study, the exact number of population living in Mogadishu are around 2million people since this large of people cannot be reached sample of them is compulsory to use but according to banks branches in Mogadishu are 10 branches in 17 districts by reaching audience through most populated areas in the city like peace garden which is the most visited garden in the city and the Liido Beach which also a place mostly gather city residents in weekends and holidays .
Since the total of study population cannot be reached for sake little time and cost sample size is appropriate to use to choose some number from the whole population, in this study a sample size of 200 customers those use three selected banks in Mogadishu a total of 200 questionnaires will be distributed to customers from these three selected Banks in Mogadishu.
The Sampling Technique employed in this study wills purposive sampling technique which is non-probability sampling method since the exact number of customers of these selected Banks, a sample of 200 customers randomly selecting using non probability sampling method.

In research procedure or data collection method will be Questionnaire from research conducted which titled in Malaysia titled customer attitude and adoption IBPs, So that some modifications were made for that questionnaire to ensure its applicability of this context. The instrument comprised of three sections, profile of respondents (PR), level customer awareness which will be asked questions regarding how much the customers aware of this Islamic products, level of adoption of Islamic banking products. The questionnaire included close-ended questions Respondents were asked if costumer awareness have relation to adoption of Islamic banking products and level of understanding and their attitude towards adoption of Islamic Banking products provide by Selected Banks Operate in Mogadishu. This method was selected because it was easy to administer questionnaires, it saved time and it was helped to collect information that is applicable to the study.

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Collected data consist of quantitative data gathered by the questionnaire. The study will use Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) program for statistical analysis as descriptive study and Correlation to describe the relationship between awareness of Islamic banking and adoption of Islamic banking products. The data will be presented in tables and counted. This study employed descriptive (Mean and Standard Deviation) and correlation statistics to analyze data, the totals will be converted into numbers to enable the readers to analyze and describe the data systematically to reach logical conclusions on the effect customer awareness on Adoption of Islamic banking.


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