1762125-20002500 Subject

1762125-20002500 Subject

Subject: Academic Writing and Research BPCS101/BECS101/BACS101/BICS101/BMCS101/BTCS101
Lecturer: Dr. Jillian Thiele
Assignment/Title: Argumentative Essay / Marijuana Should Be Banned
Due Date : 30/06/18
Number of words : 1544
Student Name: Sereima Ditini Tuitubou 170323s
I certify that this assignment is my own work, that it is based on my personal study or research and that I have acknowledged all material and sources used in the preparation of this assignment. I also certify that the assignment has not previously been submitted for assessment, and that I have not copied in part, or whole, or otherwise plagiarized the work of other students or others
Signature: STuitubouDate: 05/07/18
Marijuana Should Be Banned
Whether to legalize or to ban the use of marijuana has been a great controversy over the years throughout the globe. Scientists and researchers have discovered and developed ways to consume marijuana for medicinal and recreational purposes. A wise philosopher once stated that “no two wrongs can ever make a right,” for the consumption of marijuana has a vast range of effects compared to the minute benefits that had been surfaced over the years. This essay will clearly distinguish and dissect the effects of marijuana on individuals and society as a whole and therefore calling for its ultimate banishment.
To begin with, Marijuana as described by the National Institute on Drug Abuse is a greenish grey mixture of the dried flowers of Cannabis sativa. Marijuana is a harmful and addictive drug of which has both short-term and long term consequences. The short term effects; ranges from loss of memory, nervousness, and a decrease in cognitive and motor skills and the long-term penalties include a feeble immune system and a high risk of cancer, respiratory illnesses, and heart complications (Williams Mary E, 1960, p.12).

Furthermore, marijuana is presently one of the psychoactive elements used recreationally around the globe, (Fischer, Rehm, and Hall 2009, 101). People have been consuming it, under the impression that it gives a sense of relaxation to calm the brain and thus release stress. Youngsters nowadays take up marijuana due to the brand it carries, stating that it makes them look cool or popular around the other students. This is quite common for students who are in high school and tertiary institutions due to the high level of peer pressure and influence from society to attain fame. With the saying “having two sides of a coin”, marijuana has a great and heavy print on the opposite side. Marijuana particularly tarnishes the brains of youths that are still in development. Studies have shown that teens who smoke pot regularly have lower IQs than their peers. They perform worse academically, miss more days of school and are less likely to participate in extra-curricular activities. Marijuana dishes a negative impact on high school grades (Ellickson, Tucker, Klein, & Saner, 2004; Homel, Thompson, & Leadbeater, 2014), attaining a high school degree (Bray, Zarkin, Ringwalt, & Qi, 2000; Howard et al., 2010; van Ours & Williams, 2009), moreover entering college for further studies. Therefore, marijuana harms young people who are the hope and future of human kind and most importantly the future of our country and the world.
To add on, marijuana affects an individual’s sex life. The research conducted by the National Substance Abuse Advisory Council in conjunction to the Ministry of Health of Fiji, it had been proven that marijuana smoking has a great impact on the production of hormones, thus contributing to lower sex drive, irregularity of menstrual cycles and a decrease in sperm count. For males alone it increases the chances of becoming impotent, infertile and consequently the manifestation of testicular cancer. This is quite evident in the number of children that had been attending a school which was part of the research, for a period of 5 years. It had been seen that the school roll tends to drop rapidly over the years and the consumption of marijuana on young fathers tend to increase day in and day out, of which could be witnessed in their appearance and the way they carry out their roles as parents. The local nursing station also support the claim, since most fathers are regarded as infertile and having a low sperm count when turning up to health personnel’s for medical advice. In having such result, the school on the other hand suffers at a great cost, since it relies ultimately on the number of students, of which will determine the amount of grant given by the government to run the school, ensure renovations and moreover make new developments.
Additionally, people and strong advocates of legalizing marijuana have stated that marijuana consumption should be a freedom of choice. As stated by David Boaz, Executive Vice President of the Cato Institute that, we shall live according to our own ways of which simplifies the fact that the government has no right to tell adults what they can put into their own bodies. The argument here lies not on the adults but on the lives of innocent children that are results of ignorant and selfish people who consume marijuana. It is known to many people that marijuana doesn’t affect the smoker only but also the others that are around them, especially for pregnant mothers or those that were conceived while under the influence of marijuana. Research has proven that marijuana causes birth defects and development risk. Medical research have concluded that babies that are affected by prenatal marijuana use may have poorer eyesight, low birth weight and a higher chance of developing cardiovascular defect, breathing problems and to some extent development of anencephaly in which the baby may not have some or all of a brain. This is quite evident in classroom based situations whereby a teacher has to cater for such defects and weaknesses that were brought about by the negligence of both the parents. Nowadays, teachers receive students, who are struggling learners, some who are lost in their own world at most times, miss out on school due to constant clinics and therapies and to top it up some that have attitude problems. These are all upshots of taking marijuana for granted and deserting the upheavals that it will bring about in the near future.
In addition, marijuana lovers are regarded or seen by some members of the community as cool beings or people with power. On the contrary, these so called people are actually a beacon of threat due to the rowdy behaviour that they tend to showcase. In Fiji today, the number of rape cases that are currently heard over the radio, broadcasted in the news and printed in newspapers are continuing to hit the ceiling. With the report provided by the National Substance Abuse Advisory Council Fiji, in the year 2016, there were a total of 201 reported cases of rape and attempted rape committed against children. This is quite an alarming number and also to know that 86% of this cases involved convicts who were under the influence of marijuana or have been known to be using marijuana. Studies have shown that due to the use of marijuana the mind decelerates its normal function, for it is being clouded and therefore affecting a person’s memory, judgement and problem-solving skills. With the constant use of marijuana it could also go to the extent that the brain gets damaged. This sort of behaviour is quite evident in an event that happened in Fiji a few years back whereby a teenage boy was under the influence of marijuana, came home and saw the mother but thought that it was a cow grazing inside the house and sadly chopped up the dear mother with a cane knife. Similarly, there was another case in Kadavu whereby a man who had been known for the abusive consumption of marijuana, stabbed another at the Kavala Bay Wharf earlier this year. When questioned by the Police officers at Vunisea, records show that the offender stated that he did not know what he was doing. In this light of evidence, it could be confirmed and agreed upon that marijuana use does cloud our judgement and more importantly pose a threat towards public safety and the community at large.
In conclusion, a lot had been researched and debated on both the good and bad of marijuana. The world keeps on evolving and changes are inevitable whereby people tend to make decisions that are not well considered and in turn have a tremendous consequence waiting at the end. As stated in the beginning, no two wrongs can ever make a right, for whatever may be discovered or what scientists may prove today or in the future it still does not change the idea that marijuana will always have a negative impact on humans. Furthermore, it had been discussed in the essay the effects of marijuana ranging from poor performance of students in school thus leading to an unjustified future. In addition marijuana affects our sex life therefore depositing a greater burden on school stakeholders in trying to keep the school running in terms of financial assistance. Thirdly, people have voiced their opinions stating that the government shall not interfere with their decisions as to what they may put into their bodies but on the contrary young innocent people are at stake. Their lives are diminished and mostly their developments are at a disadvantage. Fourthly, marijuana users are regarded as cool but are actually a threat to the community in regards to the disruptive behaviour they display due to the clouded judgement that marijuana causes. To close, marijuana has detrimental effects and thus will never change for what is considered bad will remain bad, nevertheless the alterations that it may undergo. Therefore, the bold stand that this essay is trying to articulate, is that marijuana shall be banned and any form of it shall be permanently removed and discarded for the betterment of the society and the world as a whole.
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