Through of industries and resources like America

Through of industries and resources like America

Through all of the racism, wars, and even crime, still love the country that we call the home of the free and the land of the brave. America, when compared to Third World countries that are suffering from poverty and serious crime and wars that kill over half of a country population then it seems that America is as close to being one of the best place to live on earth as any country can possibly get. America is the heartland of many other people’s dreams. People in other countries will die for a chance to start a life in America. That is why America is the best country in the world.The United States of America has many reasons for why I love calling it home.

One reason is the freedom that I have the right to say anything I want and do not have to worry about anyone trying to arrest me for my choice of speech. I have the freedom to walk down the street at any hour of the day that I want to, and not have to worry about being taking to jail for breaking a curfew. In everyday life just those two things allot us do however take for granite because in other countries people are often killed for any statements that that particular government does not like to hear. There are also countries in the world that will not tolerate any person who breaks curfew. Few minor privileges that are given to Americans make a big difference in the way that every day life is lived. The feeling of being free is just enough to make anyone appreciate the United States of America.

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I love the United States of America also because of the variety of career opportunities. In America, there are jobs with good salaries in almost every line of work. From electrical engineering to sanitation control the opportunities are endless.People in America who are jobless, are so because they chose to be jobless. There is no logical reason for anyone to be without a job in wealthy country like America.

Over seas in less fortunate countries like Zaire, the opportunities are just not there. There are just not the same types of industries and resources like America has over in Zaire. America is loved by millions and millions of people for many reasons. However, America is not in any way perfect, the problems that are faced in America are merely small problems when compared to other poorer countries.

I have a great respect for America for giving me a fair chance to succeed in life, to make my family proud of me and my accomplishments that are sure to come and to make something out of my life.

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