What is forensic science

What is forensic science

What is forensic science? What do they do? Forensic science is the use of an applying science to help in criminal and civil investigations. Forensice scientest proccese physical evendence to help found clues to bring an investigation come to the end such and procceseing clothing to find dna or proccesing fingerprints to find an identity.forensic science has had a huge impact on police investigations and continues to shinw new lights on investigationg as it evolves with everyday technology.

Forensic science first made an apperence in the 700’s when the chinese first used fingerprinting as a form od identifycaton and scince thenthen has gotten stronger to the point where investigation are dependent on forensic scienceto further help them develop leads and pinpoint the suspect/susspects that committed the crime

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In the 1248 b.c the first forencsic science book was published in china. The name of the book is His Duan Yu witch translates to the washing away of wrongs.the book sates the differences between drowning and being strangleed ans is to be believed that it is the first documentation of medical forensics.

In the 1600’s reporting cases became established.

In the 1784 the interduction of physical evedence was brought into criminal cases. Witch created the dependency on forenci science more establidhes because of the use of forencic science in the criminal investigation it became that investigation became more deoendent on the results of the forensic science results

In the 18oo’s the pirst poison investigation was preformed.

Physical evidence became more profound in the forence sicience and criminlas investigation in the 1816 this included clothing they would examin

In 1836 the use of chemical testing became present james marsh a chemist used this proccesse to determin arsenic as the casue of death.

1854 the first use of photos were uses in the identification fingerprints were found to be unique to every individual.


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