Vision My personal vision is to have a meaningful life

Vision My personal vision is to have a meaningful life

Vision My personal vision is to have a meaningful life. It is important to me that I live my life in a way that shows kindness, attention and concern for my family and friends and even strangers that I may come into contact with on a day to day basis. I would like to preserve my respect for myself and others, well growing into the person that I would like to be. I would like to maintain my love for helping less fortunate individuals and continue to striving for excellence in my professional and personal life.

I want to have a career and lifestyle that includes an endless amount of learning and growth as a person. I would like to work with and be around persons who influence me to be a better person both professionally and personally. It is also important to me that I am more thoughtful and share more words of wisdom and things that I have learnt from my mentors and other persons to persons who are coming up after me like how those people have touched my life.
My personal mission is to become a better me. I see myself as being an inspiration to younger females trying to come up in marketing. I believe that I have a lot to offer anyone who is willing to learn from my experiences and mistakes. My finale mission is to overcome all negative thoughts about myself and continue saying “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”
My goals are 1) to continue learning new techniques about marketing and management, 2) adopting and learning more negotiation skills, 3) developing a more positive attitude, 4) implementing a more positive way of thinking about myself and the work that needs to done, 5) communicate effectively, 6) learn and develop time management skills, 7) learn effective presentation skills, 8) learn to be more thoughtful and not just go with the flow, 9) be more accepting of change and note that change is a part of life and 10) be willing and understanding that persons are different and all persons aren’t the same and give each and every one an equal chance and continue to prove to myself that its ok to go after what you want and don’t ever give up on my dreams.

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I always saw myself working in Banking or the financing sector of a company. Nevertheless, that all changed when I started learning and taking marketing courses and this lead me to change my degree from financing and economics to marketing and management. Then I received my Bachelor’s degree from the University of West Indies Cave Hill Campus. This degree allowed me to receive an internship at one of the most known telecommunication companies in Barbados and the Caribbean in Marketing. The internship thought me more than what school had thought me; I was really hands on in the department and learnt so much from person with the department as well. Today, I am now a Marketing Executive for Marcomms within the same company that I was an intern in. Within this position, I believe that I have learnt so much and I am an asset to the company. I provide advertising knowledge and plan promotions for events within the company. I assist with retail store activations and branding of all out of home advertising. I always go the extra mile to ensure that my assignments and tasks are done on time and to the best of my ability. This position also allowed me to develop special relationships with both internal and external persons who assist me with completing each task. I would consider myself as being a dynastic individual and detail-oriented person. I am a great team player and in five years I believe that I would become a more strategic individual and would be able to negotiate better than I can now. My development within this company will help me owe my own company and make it the best marketing and advertising agency.
My personal values relating to my professional career are 1) having a strong work ethic- for example, I believe that I can contribute to developing a successful company by finding innovated ways to effectively complete tasks. 2) being self-motivated- for instance, I am able to work with little or no supervision and direction. I am aware of what needs to be done day to day and I am responsible enough to get the job done. 3) being motivated- for instance, I am always motivating myself to learn and grow on all aspects of marketing. I try to keep up and learn new skills, techniques, methods and theories through taking a number of professional development courses. That’s one of the reasons I applied to the University of Liverpool to complete my post-graduate in marketing. I have gain so many techniques within these for eight weeks that I put into practice with my activation planning for my events. The module this week Marketing Mix has thought me that I can use the traditional 4Ps allow with the modern 4Cs to complete and educate customers on products and services regardless of if the customer is in physical store or purchasing virtual from an online store. By incorporating all of these techniques I believe that can run a successful campaign for Summer and in the near future. 4) being professional – for instance, completing assignments and being detail oriented and also being a positive role model to interns who may be assigned to my department. 5) having a positive attitude towards the assignment that are asked of me.

My short-term goals are 1) to complete a Post Graduate Certificate in Marketing, 2) pursuing a masters degree in International Business but focusing on Marketing, 3) growing with the field of marketing 4) completing a number of courses such as event management and public relations. My long-term goals are 1) become a manager in marketing 2) overcoming my fear in public speaking by taking a number of courses or becoming apart of toast masters 3) starting my own business 4) obtain some sort of growth and learning techniques in Big data so that I can understand and analyze data collected from online advertising and google analytics better 5) I would like to change my career path to a Marketing Analysis and have a positive contribution to what company I am working for at that time. I also see myself as having a major impact on my friends and families both personally and professionally.

I believe that I should maintain a sense of honesty and integrity to my company. I believe that we should try to believe good relationships on trusted. for example, most companies favourite saying is “customers are always right” and by believing in this, I think that successful businesses work on gaining customers trust and understanding your customer base but not telling out the company’s secrets.

In conclusion, I believe that I am a great asset to my company, I think that I have adapt all of the attributes that any company would be looking for in an employee. My vision, mission and goals have shaped me into the person I am today and I am thankful for all the opportunities that I have gotten thus far in my career and I look forward to the next five to ten years in my professional life to learn and grow and shape myself into a great leader that I know I can be.


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