Central Asia has one of

Central Asia has one of

Central Asia has one of the worlds earliest civilizations.

Archeological research shows and proves that humans lived in Uzbekistan long before 2000 B. C. The first agricultural societies developed in 2000 B. C. farmers started breeding sheep cattle and horses.

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They also irrigated the land to grow wheat, barley and millet. People in the mountains had harder time surviving. They had land but it was rocky and bad for raising crops. Because of that it was very important for them to raise livestock. Sometime during the sixth century A. D.

nomad tribes known as Turkics arrived to uzbekistan from the south siberian steppes. The next invaders were the arabs from the Middle East. They came in huge numbers during the late seventh, eighth and ninth centuries. They quickly settled down and intermarried with the Turkics. The arabs tought the local people about poetry, astronomy and mathematics. Most important of all was that they tought them a new religion Islam. At first the local people strongly resisted.

The arabs kept sending the massage until the people of Uzbekistan accepted the Islamic faith. Bibliography:

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