To begin

To begin

To begin, it is natural for humans in our society to put their confidence and trust into scientific research because it has proven so much and it is always taught to people as the truth of how things work. However It makes me wonder even now with the scientific proof of the gametes producing similar functions, and the fact it has been proven they are not very different why is it that people are still assuming otherwise. Patriarchy would be the answer, The social norm is that male lead over female, which leads to the fact that people won’t change their minds because male dominance is all people know as the “social norm.” Martin writes, “The picture of egg and sperm drawn in popular as well as scientific accounts of reproductive biology relies on stereotypes central to our cultural definitions of male and female.” (485) By stating this Martin elaborates on the fact that even the female biological process is seen as less than the male, and that men being the leader is also brought into the reproductive system. Everywhere we seem to look it tends to be labelled as the men’s jobs, or the men’s actions are seen as better and more difficult than those of the women’s jobs or the women’s actions, no matter what the conversation may be. Biological process is now being viewed as almost like a competition, where the men have to prove their worth even in their sperm, and the men have to prove through their sperm that it is stronger than women and they still lead. Everywhere we seem to look patriarchy is existing and as Martin expressed even with the scientific proof that has proven there is no major difference in the egg and the sperm, the sperm still goes on to be the most idolized and the bigger part of the picture.


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