Democracy went to jail for treason and

Democracy went to jail for treason and

Democracy ExpansionIn a democracy, the government is the spokesperson for the people and the needs they would like to be met. The government is a group of people in the state who have the ultimate authority to act on behalf of that state.

A democracy is a state in which citizens vote to choose the best candidate. Democracy derived from liberalism, which is the ideology that individuals develop their capacities to the fullest. A democracy reflects the liberal value that individuals are responsible for their own choices. Citizens can be free to run their lives as they want. Democracy requires an attitude of mind, a belief that every citizen has the right to a hearing, a sense that no doors are closed to talent and energy.

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Democracy in Africa is slowly coming together, but not fast enough. 1993 was the first presidential in 10 years. Abiola won, but soon went to jail for treason and the military remains in power.

The wave of democratization called second liberation began at the end of the cold war. Political institutions have to be built in order for Africa to become a full fledge democracy. “Most of Africa lacks the crucial educated middle class and professional classes and the mediating private and public institutions that compose a civil society(William Pfaff). Political conflicts have brought a collapse of government of authority. The low levels of income at about $300 per year continent wide and huge trade deficits is not a good standing in moving toward a democracy.

The only six countries that have seen economic growth are Ghana, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Gambia, and Burkina Faso. The United States, other western countries, and the UN have assisted in the democratization process. The United States aid has totaled 1.2 billion as of 1995, which is less than 10% of the 13.7 billion foreign aid budget.The British Monarchy coexists with a democratic government and is based on history and tradition. A monarchy has three main parties.

The Conservative Party is the government party that enforces the laws passed. The liberal party is a separate group that makes decisions to make the government act for the people. The labor party makes the decisions on which they want in the government party. Political, social, and cultural democratization of the 19th and 20th centuries has made public opinion an important political force and the monarchy a more familiar outlook. Monarchy is seen as an aid in appealing to working class voters and countering socialism. Monarchy has ruled over England since the 9th century the only reason it has survived is by adapting to changing conditions and by accepting to limits on its power with the rise of new political forces. Retain formal powers to dissolve the national legislature designate a new head of government and sign legislation into law but differ to political leaders in playing those roles.

Britain will risk their survival if they become too involved in politics(Richard Rose). A country gets caught up in politics and tries to influence events and takes sides and eventually you will end up on the loosing side. A British newspaper stated that, Reinforces the impression that British society is like a pyramid and that its apex, birth counts for more than merit.

Monarchy connects us to our history. Monarchy remains at the heart of the constitution.The United States is the most advanced of the democracy wave and sets the trend for the rest of the world to move toward a democracy. The U.

S. has three branches of main government, the President, Congress, and the Supreme Court. The President is head of his party, legislative leader, and the chief executive. He is in charge of armed forces.

Has the ability to ratify treaties with two- thirds of the senate. The president has to prepare an executive budget and an economic report that congress approves of each year. Congress has the power to declare war, raise and maintain the armed forces, establish tariffs, and regulate commerce with the foreign nations. Congress passes a bill by a majority vote. The Supreme Court is established by the constitution.

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