Through this review

Through this review

Through this review, New York Public Library (NYPL) is the well-known public library building in the United States. The NYPL is the main branches building which is easily recognizable by its lion statues named Patience and Fortitude that sit either side of the entrance. These statues was declared by National Historic Landmark in 1965. The author believes that the positive influence to the rural libraries have on the lives of their patrons each year are just as impressive if physically imposing as the New York Public Library (NYPL). The rural libraries in the country that have the lowest broadband adoption rates offered free broadband access, inclusive of computer terminals and staff assistance in using the internet.
According to the author, rural libraries is a free educational resources to users and at least they can help users in finding information such as health information. The barriers that have faced by rural America can be met with a discussion of how rural public libraries and librarians actively work in order to mitigate these issues. This article show us how much rural public libraries do for their communities. Then, modern political climate that currently surrounds rural America and rural libraries. I notice that rural libraries also have a chance to show their value and obtain greater support, as more attention is being paid now than in recent decades to the challenges those in rural parts of the country face. The librarians in the rural public are already going above and beyond in order to benefit their communities and any additional support will allow them to go further.


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