This conflict has been going on for too long

This conflict has been going on for too long

This conflict has been going on for too long, but it’s still going on now with no end in sight. A common feature of all attempts to create a path which would lead to peace is the fact that more often than not, promises to carry out “good will measures” were not carried out by both sides? Furthermore, negotiations to reach agreement on the “final status” have been interrupted due to outbreak of hostilities. The result is that both Israelis and Palestinians have grown weary of the process. Israelis point out the fact that the Gaza Strip is fully controlled by the Hamas who do not want peace with a Jewish state. According to the Israeli view, this limits the ability of the Palestinians to make peace with Israel and enforce it over the long term. Also, in the Israeli view, a violent overtake of the West Bank by the Hamas as a result of the creation of an unstable new state is very possible. Lastly, rhetoric from high-ranking Fatah officials promising a full, literal Palestinian right of return into Israel (a position no Israeli government can accept without destroying the Jewish character of Israel) makes peace negotiations more difficult for both sides. The Palestinians point out to the extensive and continuing Israeli settlement effort in the West Bank restricting the area available to the Palestinian state.


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