There are different activities involved in daily operation with different purpose

There are different activities involved in daily operation with different purpose

There are different activities involved in daily operation with different purpose, such as adding value of the customer and increasing the corporate margin. Several primary activities would be involved in H&M, which included daily operation, customer service marketing and outbound and inbound logistic. Empowering the right of making decisions to employee is one of characteristic of H&M operation. For instance, the window display of every store are guided but each store can have their own style which build up the uniqueness of each store to adapt the characteristics of customers in different are or region. Also, Social network (e.g. Facebook and Twitter etc.) would be used to promote their stylish design. As we know, the spread of the information sharing in the internet usually out of expected. Therefore, H&M use this tools for introducing their product. The social awareness of H&M would be stronger than others.
For strengthen the relationship between H&M and customer, a new smartphone application would be developed by H&M. Convenient the customer would be one of the purpose for this application. Since most of the people are using smartphone and potential customer can easily obtain the information of H&M, such as the latest product in the this season. Well-developed logistic system owned by H&M. Therefore, the staff can be solicited the stock information and transfer stock internally from different region. The system prevent the situation that stock stuck in stores and enable stores to swift the item they need from other region to satisfy the customer needs.
Company infrastructure, human resource management, technology and procurement would be the secondary activities. The getting the beneficial of the company would the aid and objective of the company. H&M’s core values included team work, entrepreneurial spirit and cost conscious. If the core values would be applied into each activity, the company can achieve their goals easily. H;M does not only built a strong relationship with customer, H;M also has a closed relationship with their designer. Therefore, their designers would provide the latest design to H;M. Under the technology improvement, H;M can know the customers with the analyzing. H;M can swift their stock as soon as possible. The procurement of H;M reduces cost by diversifying their suppliers in different region around the world. There are about 750 suppliers worked with H;M.


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