There are a few ground rules that my family has set

There are a few ground rules that my family has set

There are a few ground rules that my family has set, which we all feel is necessary, some of which I like and some I don’t. First and most important one is saying a prayer before eating a meal. This has been going on for a year now and I’m personally very happy with this as this constantly reminds us of what all we have; it’s a lot more than we need and think about those who are struggling to get a tiny portion of what we already have. The next one is not entering the kitchen on Friday’s. This means that no one is supposed to cook on this day at any cost because this is when we all can spend time together as a family and enjoy ourselves. This brings me to the next rule, something that I’m not a fan of and that is cleaning the table and the floor. On Fridays, it is the children’s duty to take care of keeping the house the spick and span, a habit that my mother wants to inculcate in me before I go out of town. Last but not the least, avoiding seeing television or being on any gadget while eating. Distracted and hurried eating can prompt you to have more which may lead to weight gain; savoring food can help you control your intake. This is one rule that is obviously hard for me as I’ve literally spent my teens doing just the opposite of this. I hope that I’m able to continue following these even when I’m all by myself. Thank you.


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