The village laundry system developed by the company has come out with a very innovative solution for what they are up to

The village laundry system developed by the company has come out with a very innovative solution for what they are up to

The village laundry system developed by the company has come out with a very innovative solution for what they are up to. It has identified the real difficulty which is being faced by the people and has done a thorough analysis with the people and problems that are facing and which can be solved by technology intervention. Thus when they analyzed the village situation and the laundry problems and the duration that is being taken by the traditional washer man, they tried an initiative to solve the problem. As they took in consideration that washing machine cost and its availability in the general households, the have thought of coming up something which can help many users and also that there product is not one time product or service.
Thus they first initially started with a common laundry system where they use to collect the clothes from the people in the morning, took them to their washing areas and return them back in the evening. But in their system, they were quite able to identify the user’s need and demand which they were missing. They realized that taking clothes to different place is not trusted by many people and also other issues peeps in.
Thus they started the second iteration of their Village Laundry Service, in which they have come up with the mobile kiosks which use to wash clothes at the place only where people give them.
Then also satisfying the market need, they didn’t stop there. They then found that, people will more often use their service if they will reduce the washing time from 24 hours to just a matter of 4-5 hours. Also they found that along with washing, many people will prefer ironing of clothes as well and ready to pay more for that.
Thus in their, next iteration of their Village Laundry system, they have made the kiosks which were installed dryer in that. Also to reduce the washing price, they started using the western detergent which can be used for many clothes being washed at one time and confirm the high quality cleanliness in washing. Thus now in just 4 hours they can give the clothes washed and ironed. This then becomes the key feature or aspect of the Village Laundry System which took the company to the success levels and captures a larger market. A fast laundry and washing service becomes available to students, adults and to all at their door steps. Also, not to lose their market and customers, they have made their services available on all days at various locations to serve better to the people. Another reason for their exponential success of the system is their pricing strategy. Rather than charging for clothes piece by piece, they instead started charging by weight. Thus for a laundry bag of 1kg, they charge Rs40.
Hence, the reason for the success of the Village Laundry System is that they have tried to identify the real life problem which can be solved and can be upgraded every time to serve better. Also, after starting, they have not taken a rest and kept finding more opportunities which can help them to serve better to their people. Here they might not have made a new feature involving deep science concepts. But at the same time they have tried to solve a major problem of the public and their continuous effort to serve their customers with the best is the key for their success. They have justified and proved that “Success is not delivering a feature; success is learning how to solve the customer’s problem.”


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