The Top 15 Interesting Essay Topics on Society For centuries

The Top 15 Interesting Essay Topics on Society For centuries

The Top 15 Interesting Essay Topics on Society
For centuries, society has been playing an important role in everyone’s life. One may look at society from different angles and consider it as a dictator of beauty and morals, promoter of happiness and success or healthy lifestyle and self-development. Here you may find good essay topics for your paper concerning society:
1) What social processes take place in society? Cooperation, conflicts and competition as constituents of human relationships.
2) Describe types of relationships in society. Define and tell the difference between blood relationship, economic relationship, political relationship, social relationship and religious relationship.
3) Connection between social media, television, networks and people. How these can wrap people around their fingers. Problems of dictating and deciding what is right, visually desirable and attractive.
4) The problem of violence in society. How to fight child abuse and violence against women? Possibilities of finding solution.
5) Positive trends in society. Progress in Medicine. Environment issues: water and air cleaning, recycling, water conservation, alternative energy. Wellness. Its impact on people’s life.
6) Negative trends in society. The existence of youth unemployment, crimes, regulation of civic lives, pollution.
7) An addicted society. Kinds of addiction: drugs, cigarettes, coffee, food. How do people become addicted? Ways of struggling them.
8) Generation gap. The difference between three age groups: the elder people, people of middle age and the younger ones. The appearance of misunderstandings. How to solve this “problem”?
9) Technologies and society. What are positive and negative effects of technology on humanity in general? Does scientific and technological process change our lifestyle?
10) The existence of discrimination. Forms of discrimination: slavery, anti-Semitism, racial and women discrimination. Cause and effects of discrimination. How are people supposed to cope with it?
11) Fashion and beauty trends. Does fashion and beauty plays an important role in our lives? Fashion as means of self-expression. Why does the society ‘accept’ only those who look good and fashionable?
12) Society as a creator of stereotypes, standards and norms. Beauty standards: how “to fit in” and is it necessary at all. Stereotypes play the role of instruction how to act, live and behave when it comes to our personality, gender and nationality.
13) Gender issue: equality and inequality. Public views on gender change.
14) The roles of subcultures in society. Similarities and differences between them. The reason for creation and existence.
15) Educated society. The necessity to be educated in modern society.
To make your essay distinctive among others, it is necessary to choose persuasive essay topics. Not less important is to choose the right type of essay. The most interesting one is an argumentative essay, where some investigation and collecting of information is required. If you have never been writing such type of paperwork, you may look up for some tips on how to do it. Reading a few argumentative essay examples would give you a full understanding of how it should be written.

25 Most Persuasive Essay Topics on Tattoo
Nowadays, tattoos are becoming more and more popular especially among young population. There have always been those who accept them and those who find tattoos unacceptable. Making a tattoo has become a mainstream during a last few years. Therefore, it is really worth attention. It is an interesting topic for a paperwork. In the following list you can find 25 good topics to use in an essay:
1) The history of tattoo art. What for were used tattoos and what was their initial meaning?
2) Tattoo art as means of self-expression.
3) Safety and risks of making tattoos.
4) What evokes the desire in human mind to make a tattoo?
5) Is it necessary to tattoo oneself to stand out in a crowd?
6) The importance of making the right choice when tattooing. The choice of tattoo and a tattoo master.
7) Classification of tattoos. The diversity of tattoo styles and types: Asian, Tribal, Old school, Biomechanical and so on.
8) What do tattoos symbolize? What message does the tattoo you have chosen carry?
9) Tattoo art as one of forms of body modification.
10) The process and methods of tattooing.
11) Advantages and disadvantages of having tattoo.
12) Temporary tattoos as alternative to permanent ones. How they are made, their duration and safety.
13) Possibilities of tattoo removal. Is it possible to completely get rid of tattoo?
14) Expenses and feeling of pain in return of desirable tattoo.
15) Religion and tattoos. Against or for. Its interpretation of tattoos.
16) Reasons why employers do not hire people with tattoos.
17) How does tattoo influence one’s life choices and does it limit opportunities?
18) Why so many people do not accept tattoos?
19) Tattooed body as a protest to society.
20) Instructions for tattoo aftercare. Moisturize your skin and use sunscreen when sunbathing.
21) The connection between tattoos and evil spirits.
22) Tattoos and stereotypes existing nowadays and in ancient times.
23) Why parents are usually against the decision of their children to make a tattoo?
24) Reasons for regretting having done a tattoo.
25) Ways of solution the problem when tattoo master failed to make a tattoo.
To write a notable essay you should choose a topic, which you would cover fully and with ease. Those that will definitely catch the eye of a reader are presented above. The best way to express your opinion is to write an argumentative essay, where your aim is to express your arguments. If it is your first essay, then argumentative essay examples will help you to cope with this task.

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The Top 15 Tax Topics to Choose For Writing a Paper Work
Taxation is indispensable part of economic and financial life of any country. Moreover, people should admit the fact that they pay taxes to the government not only because they are obliged to, but for the sake of their country. Money spent on taxes is one of the essential government income and fund a number of important services. Writing a paperwork on tax topics requires some additional knowledge of the subject of economy and finance. Moreover, it requires collecting of information from books, internet or some other sources. 15 persuasive essay topics that will make your essay individualize among others are as following:
1) The definition of tax as the obligatory finance charge. Direct and indirect taxes. Types of taxes: income, federal and local, unemployment, payroll, foreign, sales and so on.
2) The process of taxation. How does the system works?
3) The importance of taxation. What for have been created taxes?
4) The definition and difference between tax types.
5) Taxation in different countries. What are the differences and similarities?
6) How does taxation influence one’s budget?
7) Taxes as the main source of government income. The necessity of taxes.
8) How to deal with backstitched tax payment? Possible ways of solution.
9) How to properly allocate your budget in order to pay taxes on time?
10) The important things do taxes go for. Services which are funded by taxes: infrastructure, education, security, social programs, health and children, environment, culture and foreign affairs.
11) The role of tax in economic life.
12) Does taxation system of every country takes into account the welfare of residents? The ratio of taxes and salary.
13) The influence of economic and financial changes on tax rates.
14) What are the highest and the lowest tax rates? Cause and effects of tax fluctuations.
15) Do the rich and the poor pay the same taxes?
The list above contains a number of good essay topics. The only task is to choose one that you like the most and start writing an argumentative essay. With the help of reliable sources find necessary information and interesting facts. Pick up arguments to support your opinion and those that would reject it. It is better to present the opposing ideas. If you have any difficulties in writing such essay or in organizing its structure there are a lot of argumentative essay examples to help you complete your task.

The 25 Top Paper Work Topics Concerning Army
It always a problem for parents when their child decides to join army. It is a very important step in one’s life. One should overthink twice to make it. A lot of things should be given up. For one person it may turn out to be a great mistake and for another a decision that would change their whole life. It is considered that a person should feel his/her devotion to become a soldier. If you have ever stood a chance to somehow be connected with the army and you have to write a paperwork on it, you are lucky. Here are 25 persuasive essay topics to use for your essay:
1) The history and definition of army. What are army units? How is army organized?
2) The decision to join army. Desire to become a soldier and fight for state.
3) Army as a branch of military.
4) How does army change your personality and character?
5) Leadership in army.
6) How does army create fearless and courageous soldiers?
7) The main values in army.
8) What one should give up and sacrifice to become a soldier?
9) The opportunities which army gives.
10) Advantages and disadvantages of joining the military.
11) Army team as a new family.
12) Risks of becoming a soldier.
13) How does army change your life?
14) Army as a life guide.
15) Protection of the nation as the primary purpose of army. Fighting for state and against enemies.
16) The main purposes of army.
17) The importance of army in our lives.
18) Subordination in army: officers and soldiers.
19) True friendship in army.
20) Army as a teacher of revealing an enemy.
21) How army trains soldiers?
22) The differences and similarities between armies of different countries.
23) The development of courage, valour and loyalty in army.
24) Army strategies.
25) Women in military
These are the most interesting topics on army to cover in a writing assignment. It is important to fully understand the subject you are writing about. In case you face any difficulties in understanding the topic or you have a lack of information, you are free to use an internet or some kind of literature to solve this problem. Another tip before writing is to read some argumentative essay topics in order to be aware of how to structuralize your paperwork and how to express your opinion in a proper way.

Diplomacy Good Essay Topics: Academic Help on Writing Paper Works
It goes without saying that diplomacy is one of the most important aspects of negotiations. Due to diplomacy we manage to prevent a great number of conflicts and even wars. It is indispensable part of international relations. It is even considered to be an art of negotiations. There is so much literature and information in general based on diplomacy, so it will not be hard to write an assignment on it. You may choose a topic from the list of persuasive essay topics below:
1) The definition and meaning of diplomacy.
2) The history of diplomacy.
3) Types of diplomacy: public diplomacy, preventive diplomacy, hearts and minds diplomacy, economic diplomacy, nuclear diplomacy and so on.
4) The art of diplomacy: effective communication and persuasion.
5) The necessity of diplomacy.
6) Diplomacy as a preventer of many conflicts.
7) The importance of diplomacy.
8) Diplomacy as indispensable part of politics.
9) The function of diplomacy.
10) Famous diplomats and their missions.
11) Famous diplomatic training institutions.
12) Diplomacy in international relations.
13) Diplomat as a mediator in negotiations.
14) Diplomacy as a means to talk and interact with each other.
15) What are differences and similarities between discussion and diplomacy?
16) Main purposes of diplomacy.
17) What qualities, character and personality should diplomat have?
18) Why do people become diplomats?
19) Comparison of diplomacy in ancient times and nowadays.
20) The benefits of being a diplomat.
Issues above are ones the most intriguing and worth attention. Writing a paperwork on it would fully cover aspects of diplomacy and would be really educational. Be sure that you have understood the task given to you and all requirements. If you are hesitating and don’t know how to write an essay you may consult your professor or look at any argumentative essay examples. Pick up a topic from the list that you feel fluent in covering and start creating.

The Top 20 Ecology Good Essay Topics
Nowadays, despite many factors we are facing ecological problem. People have decided to make nature their property and have power over it. Inconsiderate exploitation of nature has brought us to the point at which we are now. Our main task is to take care of planet and cherish it. Next list contains the most persuasive essay topics. Use these to write a perfect argumentative essay. You may also use them as jump-off points.
1) The term of ecology. Definition and meaning.
2) The history of ecology.
3) The list of ecological problems. Possibilities of their solution.
4) What does ecology studies? Its object of investigation.
5) Branches of ecology and their objects of investigation.
6) The connection between ecology and other studies.
7) The relation of ecology to environment.
8) The importance of ecology as a study of living creatures and environment.
9) Factors that influence ecosystem.
10) Functions of ecosystem.
11) The impact of human activities on ecosystem.
12) Cause and effects of a greenhouse effect? Ways of solution this problem.
13) The problem of air and water cleaning. The way of preventing water and air pollution.
14) The necessity of water conservation.
15) The rule of 3R’s: reduce, reuse and recycling. Do people stick to this rule? The importance of this rule when it comes to ecology.
16) Soil erosion, floods, destruction of animal habitats as main consequences of deforestation.
17) Water, wind, and solar energy as alternative to fossil fuel energy. The necessity of construction of hydropower stations, usage of solar batteries and wind turbines.
18) What people should do to solve the ecological problems and make the planet better?
19) The connection between people and nature.
20) Green programs and projects. Ideas of making the environment better.
No one could deny the fact that if we do not stop intentionally destroying the Earth, in decades there will be nothing left. We need to promote environmentally friendly products and taking care of the environment in general to save ourselves. The least what we can do is to write about it and show it to people. The best way to express disadvantages and advantages of being environmentally conscious is with the help of argumentative essay. Thera several argumentative essay examples on the Internet to help you if you do not understand something. Moreover, there is always somebody to help if it is needed. Don’t be afraid to ask your teacher if something goes wrong.

The Top 15 Imperialism Persuasive Essay Topics
Imperialism has always been considered as a bad tendency in politics and in the world in general. The phenomenon of Imperialism means colonizing territories of nations to make your own bigger and much powerful. This means that you have complete dominance over those colonized territories. Often this term is used in international propaganda to condemn and discredit the enemy’s foreign policy. As far as such a phenomenon is an important one, some students may achieve a task to write a paperwork on it. In the following list are topics, most suitable for writing an argumentative essay.
1) The phenomenon of Imperialism. Its definition and meaning.
2) Imperialism and History. How does the notion of imperialism appeared? Its development during centuries.
3) Why imperialism is considered as bad tendency?
4) The main features and characteristics of Imperialism. What distinguishes it among others government policies?
5) What are the most famous empires of the whole history? British imperialism, Russian imperialism, French imperialism, US Imperialism, Japanese imperialism, German imperialism, Ottoman imperialism.
6) The role of Imperialism in the world.
7) The opposition of Imperialism: anti-imperialism against imperialism.
8) The fight against Imperialism.
9) Cause and effects of Imperialism.
10) The influence of Imperialism on people’s lives and general welfare.
11) How did the appearance of Imperialism influence economic and politic life?
12) Advantages and disadvantages of imperialism.
13) The consequences of imperialism.
14) The popularity of imperialism policy nowadays.
15) Comparison of Imperialism nowadays and in ancient times.
The phenomenon of Imperialism has always been a problem: from its first days till nowadays. If you have chosen one of the topics above, then you will be able to successfully write an essay. All of the topics are easy and fully described imperialism from different angles. In case you lack any information, you may consult some books, newspaper or other kinds of literature. Not less informative and helpful would be argumentative essay topics on Imperialism. Be creative and good luck with your paper assignment!

Impressionism Good Essay Topics
If you are a student who attends literature or art classes, then you have definitely heard the term of Impressionism. Impressionism is an art movement, which dates back to 19th century and has its distinct features and characteristics. Later on, some writers and composers borrowed this movement. Thus, it finds its reflection in literature and music. So, for those who are familiar with this style, writing an essay on topic concerning impressionism will not be a challenge. Use these topics to complete your assignment paper.
1) Impressionism as an art movement. Its origins and history of development.
2) The main features and characteristics that distinguish Impressionism among other art movements.
3) The most famous impressionists: Claude Monet, Jean-Louis Forain, Eva Gonzalès, Louis Leroy, Berthe Marie Pauline Morisot
4) Techniques and styles used in impressionism.
5) The contents of the pictures.
6) Impressionism as a movement in European classical music of 19th century.
7) The innovations evoked in music by impressionism.
8) Famous musical impressionists.
9) Impressionism in literature. Special features and characteristics of literature of Impressionism.
10) Famous writers who worked in Impressionism style. Baudelaire, Mallarmé, Rimbaud, and Verlaine
11) The connection between Symbolism and Impressionism in Literature.
12) Post- Impressionism as a consequence of Impressionism. Its features that distinguish it from Impressionism.
13) Impressionism in 19th century and today.
14) How do writers’ and artist’s attitudes, personalities and characters were reflected on their pieces of artwork?
15) What was the subject worth attention for Impressionists.
After you have picked up one of these persuasive essay topics, make sure you know how to express your opinion. First of all, look at some argumentative essay examples, so that to be acquainted with the structure of your paperwork and rules of writing it. Find arguments to support your opinion. Read some additional literature or ask your friends, whose opinions differ from yours. Now you have oppositional arguments. The last thing to do is write down everything, you have on your mind concerning the topic. Be clear and short.

Top 20 Language Topics For Writing a Good Essay
It goes without saying that language is our everything. It is an essential tool of communication. Language is one of the main means of expression. Moreover, through language people percept the world as it is. It is a means of sharing ideas, interests, information and feelings. Language can be looked at from different points of view. About other details you may write in your essay. Use these persuasive essay topics:
1. Definition and meaning of Language. Language from the point of view of Linguistics. Main functions of language according to G. Leech: Informational, Expressive, Directive, Aesthetic ,Phatic
2. The philosophy of language.
3. The connection between Language and culture.
4. Classification of languages.
5. Difference between language and speech
6. Language and society.
7. Language on the Internet, networks. How does emoji replace expression of emotions by means of language?
8. Learning foreign languages. Advantages and disadvantages.
9. Ways of learning foreign language quickly and with no difficulties.
10. The importance of knowledge a few languages.
11. The differences and similarities between languages of the same origin.
12. How does language and memory cooperate?
13. What are the easiest and hardest languages to learn?
14. Why it is difficult to learn a foreign language when you are an adult?
15. Reasons why small children learn languages so fast and with ease.
16. Language as a means of sharing ideas and information.
17. Sign language.
18. The connection between Language and Concepts in our mind.
19. How to speak as Native-speakers do?
20. The definition of mother tongue.
Chose one among these good essay topics. Read some argumentative essay examples to get to know the structure of the paperwork. Make sure that you understand all the requirements. If any questions appear, do not hesitate, go and ask your professor. Try to fully cover the topic you have chosen. Your statements and arguments should be clear, understandable and easy perceptible by a reader.

Top Syria Persuasive Essay Topics
Nowadays, due to the Internet and social media we know the situation which takes place in Syria. The civil war, conflicts, outrages are being in high gear. The majority of people consider this war pointless, but they are powerless and becomes victims. Many people try to help by donating some money, welcoming refugees, helping with medicine and jobs, translating for them. Syria has a lot of to tell. There are a lot of questions to be discussed. Here are topics based on Syria for writing an essay:
1) The History of Syria. Its geographical location.
2) Politics and government.
3) Culture and society. Education. Health. Economy. Demographics.
4) Cause and effects of the civil war that has burnt out in 2011.
5) Conflicts and outrages in Syria.
6) The analysis of the civil war in Syria and possible ways of achieving rest and peace.
7) Syrian refugees. The support given by other countries.
8) Syrian children need help. Work instead of refugees. Volunteering. Donations.
9) Medical help is necessary for Syrian refugees.
10) The long-lasting civil war. What are the effects on people?
11) The reaction of other countries and attempts to help Syria.
12) Volunteering organizations and programs that take care of Syrian children.
13) The terrible or happy future? What will be next?
14) Life in Syria at the moment.
15) Germany is ready to assist Syrian refugees.
Above you may find the most persuasive essay topics. Pick up one of them. Think over ideas that come up in your mind. Try to make your introductory as much interesting as possible. It must catch reader’s eye and make them read your essay. Next point, is to find arguments or ‘thesis’ to support your ideas. An argument should consist of one sentence and be expressed clearly and understandably. The last point is a conclusion, where you summaries everything up. If you feel uncertain about your paperwork, ask somebody for help or compare it with any argumentative essay examples.


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