ristThe that the future of Germany lay

ristThe that the future of Germany lay

ristThe Similarities Between Adolf Hitler and Jesus ChristMany individuals hold the opinion that Adolf Hitler (1889 1945) and Jesus Christ (6 BC AD 30) have nothing in common; however, similarities become apparent when one contemplates both Hitlers and Christs objectives and influences upon the world.Adolf Hitlers main objective was to have a world populated by a superior Aryan race. Hitler almost accomplished this task with his Nazi followers, and by appointing himself dictating fuer over Germany.

Upon becoming fuer, Hitlers status was raised to that of a god, and with this godlike power he enforced his ideas upon a nation. Hitlers idea of a world controlled by an elevated Aryan race could not be accomplished without a steady bloodline of followers. Hitler felt that the future of Germany lay in the hands of the German youth; because of this, Hitler created youth camps for his younger generation of loyal followers. Within these camps the young were molded and taught Hitlers ideas that they were the superior race, which would someday dominate the earth; however, most would not live long enough to dominate their own lives. In the same way, Jesus Christs objectives were to have a world inhabited by Christians. By preaching the word of God, Jesus Christ elevated himself to the status of not only a god but to the status of the Son of God.

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Jesus and his twelve Apostles attempted to elevate mankind to the heavens above, and with Jesus amazing stories and miracles he converted Pagans to Christians. The hypnotized followers devoted to Christ formed into church communities, and within these communities the youth gathered into Christian youth groups. The Christian youth groups were where the adults guided and taught the children of Christ the ways of God, yet many of these youths were and still are ignorant of their religions history.

Hitlers influence on the world left behind horrid memories. Even today when one sees an image of a swastika he or she cringes in fear at the thought of Hitlers racial hatred. The book Mein Kampf (My Struggles) dictated Hitlers objectives to his people, and it was these objectives that would lead to not only his death but to many Jewish deaths.

Hitlers ideas stated within Mein Kampf lead to a great world war, and it was this world war that affected the nations of the world. Not only did soldiers die upon the battlefields of the great world war, but also many Jewish civilians died within Nazi concentration camps. Hitlers Nazis gassed, tortured, and starved almost all of the Jewish population out of existence within these ghettos. Even after Hitlers death his book and beliefs inflict our world with hate crimes of modern day Nazism.Similarly, Jesus has imprinted in our minds the thoughts of a heavenly afterlife.

The cross that Jesus was crucified on is an image that feels Christians with remorse. The Bible describes Jesus life and teachings in detail and has attributed to modern mans view of Christianity. However, the Bible lead to many of the same disasters as did Hitlers book Mein Kampf.

The Bibles teachings led to medieval Holy Wars in which millions of innocent people were slaughtered for their faith. Not only did the Bibles teachings contribute to the deaths of many within the wars of the holy, but many people also died because of charges of Heresy. These heretics were usually individuals of a pagan faith such as witches, and many of them were burnt alive or tortured during the Salem witch trials of the 1600s. Today the teachings of Christ still penetrate our societies belief system, and Holy Wars of medieval type still rage on in the Middle Eastern nations.

Adolf Hitler and Jesus Christ both lived great lives, yet their teachings and ideas eventually led not only to both of their deaths but to many others as well. Both of them have truly left a mark on history that will hopefully never be surpassed. Bibliography:Just a short essay that I wrote for developmental english.

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