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The purpose of creed in religion is just like the purpose of having belief in religion. Creed is a wide variety of ways in which people use ideas, words, and images to expresswhat matters most for them. People like to express their selves in books in a manner thatthey have more freedom of speech in which that can get more specific and down to thepoint, Where as if you where to verbally express your feeling in public certain peoplemight get offended.

Creed in Images go hand in hand. People tend to believe what theysee. If a person grows up seeing people kill one another they think that it is all right tokill each other, but on the other hand if you grow up going to church than you see theimage of God and you believe that God is part of every day life. We have, however, the catholic faith in the Creed, known to the faithful andcommitted to memory, contained in a form of expression as concise as has been renderedadmissible by the circumstances of the case; the purpose of which compilation was, thatindividuals who are but beginners among those who have been born again in Christ, andwho have not yet been strengthened by most diligent and spiritual handling andunderstanding of the divine Scriptures, should be furnished with a summary, expressed infew words, of those matters of necessary belief which were subsequently to be explainedto them in many words, as they made progress and rose to the height of divine doctrine,on the assured and steadfast basis of humility and charity.

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It is underneath these fewwords, therefore, which are thus set in order in the Creed, that most heretics haveendeavored to conceal their poisons; whom divine mercy has withstood, and stillwithstands, by the instrumentality of spiritual men, who have been counted worthy notonly to accept and believe the catholic faith as expounded in those terms, but alsothoroughly to understand and apprehend it by the enlightenment imparted by the Lord.For it is written, “Unless ye believe, ye shall not understand.” But the handling of the faithis of service for the protection of the Creed; not, however, to the intent that this shoulditself be given instead of the Creed, to be committed to memory and repeated by thosewho are receiving the grace of God, but that it may guard the matters which are retainedin the Creed against the insidious assaults of the heretics, by means of catholic authority The purpose of creed in religion has a very broad use in its meaning. Creed in the textdeals with the many ways creed takes from.

Creed is the ideas, words, that one has. Also images are a good way to express feeling and what matters most to them. when youhave an experience some people have the need to express it by putting it into words,pictures, or ideas. when we have an experincen we dont just experience it we express it.

how and why we expess it is why we have creed. creed builds on ones behavior.Bibliography:

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