The is a story that explains a down

The is a story that explains a down

The CrucibleThe Crucible written by Arthur Miller is a story that explains a down side to human nature. This shows how human nature can be cruel to its own kind. In such a way that killing of its own species begins to take place.

The Crucible takes place in a little town called Salem where not too much happens besides a few disagreements between neighbors. The horrible, unexpected events that take place show how the people of Salem can actually blame their own follow neighbors and friends of witchery to watch them hang. Others accuse out of nothing but spite.

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In this story mankind takes on a different kind of role, one in which is not explainable. In this story, Abigail Williams is the niece of a man named Reverend Parris who is Salems minister. Abigail has already committed adultery with a man named John Proctor.

At the beginning of the story Abigail drinks chicken blood to create a charm to kill John Proctors wife Elizabeth. This shows how cruel mankind is to its on species over worthless matters. Killing another human being over love is meaningless, and this is just one of the very many examples that take place in this story representing the horrible cruelness that humans do bestow.Also in the Crucible as another example, a man by the name of Thomas Putnam bestows his very cruel side over wanting more land.

Thomas has his own daughter accuse all of his fellow neighbors of witchery just to receive their land. Selfishness is yet another one of humans worthless immortalities. So instead of buying or just inheriting his own land himself, he would have innocent people killed to benefit from their life. Thomas Putnam would have people hung for his own good and would not care at all if the people accused were guilty. Others in this story would know the truth, yet still would go on in this hysteria. Children would accuse just to see the innocent people hang. The girls would blame other people of the wrong that they had done to save themselves for “the ropes”.

The children would faint, cry, scream, and blame the poor Salem people for sending their spirit out in to the children the middle of court. The Salem citizens would get blamed for giving the girls stomachaches and headaches, for coming to them in the middle of the night and not letting the girls sleep. The innocent people were also accused murder. They began to accused of killing of children because the parents had no one else to blame. In my opinion this story The Crucible portrays many different themes in which are all shown threw the actions of the Salem citizens whether it many be the accusers or the citizens itself. Revenge is shown through Abigails attempts to have Elizabeth hung.

Greed is shown by the attempts to receive land by hanging someone portrayed by Thomas Putnam. Hysteria is shown by the all the girls who caused the commotion to save themselves from being hung. This story also shows that every man must become involved with his own society and with other members of the human race. With out this, our society is waiting for corruption.

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