Tesco is big business

Tesco is big business

Tesco is big business. The structure of this business has tall structure. This means that there are different positions to different roles and people that help make the business successful. As in Tesco there are director or owner of the business. This leads into different managers that leading different areas or departments. The different managers are operational and service managers
This is good if the business has tall structure as there will be different roles in the department that will help get rid with any issue or problems within the business. But the disadvantage is that other managers from another department can’t offer you help.
So each portion of the organization is grouped according to its particular purpose. One drawback is that the communication between sections can be controlled by the boundaries of the association and having the various departments working separately.
In information technology, there are different people in this department. This department helps to technical issues such as if the Tesco system crashes. They are on hand to fix the problem. They are on hand, if any problems happen. There different roles in the IT tech as people have different skills to solve different problems
Finance and administration pays for any bills or merchandise or any stocks. So the business do not get in debt and no fraud takes places. These people help see the outcome and income out the business. This allows them what will the revenue and the expenditure. This allows the business to stay out debt and see if the income is increasing or decreasing in Tesco. The people within this department can control the budget and to not overspend. They also create financial reports about Tesco. Financial administration staff are responsible for the overall economic management and accounting. Also they will be viewing the business transaction.
Tesco also has a department called customer service. Good customer services helping customer in friendly manner. In this section allows to return any products that they have issue with such as electrical product but this can give you solutions to your problems such as if your returning a product, this can be returned or exchanged. This allows them customer to come to this department for advice or any enquiries. This also allows customer to give feedback about the business.
Human resources, this department to recruit the workers and select their roles that will be good for them. In this area, they also hire and train the new workers. They train the staff to be good role model and good citizen when working Tesco. The training could be stacking and or checking the stock properly. This allows them to be ready for the business. They also keep all the records that they have to keep confidential about the staff and the business. This is stated under the data protection act. This section also looks after the employees


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