MY and the first nephew in my

MY and the first nephew in my

MY LIFEIt’s a bitter cold weather.

Everybody in there houses sitting by fireplace or having hot chocolate. All of a sudden in the quiet neighborhood, there were ambulance sirens and then a woman was carried away on the stretcher to the ambulance.Screams and cries can be heard all over the hospital. Finally it was quiet, then there was a baby crying. This baby was I, Mohammed Khan.

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I was born on April 17th, 1981. I was the first child and the first nephew in my family. I was treated like a little prince. Every body treated me like if I was really fragile. At the age of four, y mom had another kid, and it was a daughter. I had always wanted a brother, but a sister was born.

Then I moved to America by the age of six. At age of seven my mom was back in the hospital and again gave a birth to a daughter. It was funny because I didn’t talk to my mother for a pretty long time because I wanted a brother instead I got a sister, but again I was only seven years old.At age of 10, I started middle school.

This was a new experience to me. Most of the kids thought I was an eight grader because I looked much older and I was bigger then most of the 6th and the 7th graders. Just like every middle school kid, I had my up and downs. I did really well in middle school, but when I got in 8th grade, I was devil child.

I got in a lot of trouble at that age, especially with my parents. Even after all the up and downs surprisingly I did very well in middle school. I went to high school with a GPA of 3.8.

My high school year was the wildest and craziest and I also had some regretful moments. My high school freshman year is the most memorable year for me. The first day I stepped in the school, I started up the trouble. First day of class I got in trouble for talking too much and starting up a fight. So I was suspended for 3 days because of a fight that I started.

Down the road I didn’t do that good in my classes either but surprisingly I only failed one of my classes at the end of my freshmen year. But I wasn’t proud of my grades I had. I didn’t do no after school activities or any thing. I just always got in trouble with my teachers, administrators and especially with my parents.My sophomore year, I was more sober and I was mature, and I learned from my mistakes from past year. I started off by doing after school activities.

I started off by playing football for my school and joined couple of clubs and started to volunteer for out of school activities. My sophomore year, I played JV and I also was dressing out for varsity team. I loved the game football so every day I tried my best to be on the varsity squad but I was the only sophomore who was the back up for the varsity starter.

I got my lucky break when the starter got hurt and was out for the whole season. They put me in the game I was kind new to the environment and some of the players were way bigger then I. But I did pretty good for my first game as a varsity player. I was also doing pretty well in my studies I made up the classes that I failed in my freshmen year and I was going perfectly on track. My teachers and administrators were very astonished and amazed by seeing the changes in me.

I owe it all to my football coach who brought me back on track and helped me out through my sophomore year.My junior year was also great but this time, I got injured and I was out of the season. I also started doing track after I recovered from my knee injury. I just did track to be in shape but I liked the sport when I started playing it so I stuck to it till I graduated. My senior year was the year when I started to have my downfall. I was a senior and a starter on my football team but I was the smallest guy on the line.

So I started to take drugs such as steroids and androsteen so I can be bigger. I had many problems because of the drugs I took. My temperature always used to be really high. I couldn’t control my temperature.

I got in four fights during my games and I was suspended from my homecoming and my senior night game. I paid my price for whatever I did. After my track season I had more down fall in my life. I started to hang around with the wrong crowd and because of that my life went in drain. I didn’t do well at school at all, I had to many absences and I was getting in too much trouble again. So finally I dropped out from high school.I just worked all the time.

I was out of the school for almost a year and a half, just working and working. I got sick and tired of doing the same thing and I wanted to start up my studies again. This time I made sure I don’t make the same mistakes I made in past.

I just set up some goals and I am planning to stick to it. So far it has helped me out and hopefully it will later on down the road.

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