Survival Tips For Elders With

Survival Tips For Elders With

Survival Tips For Elders With DiabetesAlthough diabetes is a serious illness, it can be controlled. Elders who have diabetes can choose to manage the disease effectively and live a full and satisfying life. Following are some tips for older persons with diabetes: Improve control of your blood glucose level and continue improving it to the best level possible.Follow a diabetic diet that features low animal fat,high fiber, limited sweets and rapid-absorbing carbohydrates.

Exercise regularly and lose weight if needed.Take preventive measures to control high blood pressure by controlling stress, weight and salt consumption. Seek treatment if your blood pressure is high (above 140/90).Get an adequate amount of sleep and rest.Know the warning signs for each complication and begin treatment when symptoms appear.

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Always wear an identifying bracelet, and/or carry a card with information regarding the type and amount of insulin/oral agent you use.Seek medical help immediately if you are not feeling well.Have regular medical check-ups.Learn to use a home glucose monitor as recommended by your physician.

Do not cut your own toenails. See a podiatrist regularly.If you live alone, keep regular telephone contact with a family member or friend.

Consider using a “redi-alert” pendant.Always keep extra insulin/oral agent to avoid running out.Avoid excessive heat or cold. Wear layered clothing in the winter and use a humidifier.Always carry a source of sugar if you are taking either insulin or oral hypoglycemic agents.If you don’t know enough about controlling diabetes, your physician or local hospital can recommend local diabetes educators, group “self-help” programs or private consultation are usually available.Words/ Pages : 340 / 24

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