STATEMENT OF PURPOSE ‘Small dreams are often the beginning of great enterprises

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE ‘Small dreams are often the beginning of great enterprises

‘Small dreams are often the beginning of great enterprises.’
This is how I would like to envision my life. With my growing years, my dream metamorphosed into my passion and eventually my goal. The dream I am so proud about is my attempt into the study of engineering. Today my path is the one I have defined for myself, that of a computer science engineer. It had humble roots in a rural region that was my childhood home, where I grew up highly conscious but pleased of being the daughter of a teacher who took classes for Engineering students of various institutions in our region. Surrounded by discussions on the subject and dazzling academic achievements in this particular field, I was attracted to it. Rather than being a prospective field for selection, Engineering became a naturalized progression of choice.
While the foundation for my future was embedded in Engineering, I also developed an interest & insatiable curiosity to acquire knowledge in business processes and the intrinsic and extrinsic factors that impacted them. The projects that demanded a variation to the existing business processes, the calculative employment of a business strategy and its outcomes – all these fascinated me beyond imagination. It is my lofty ambition to master the art of interpreting and communicating with technical and non-technical stakeholders.

To this end, I made the most of the opportunity when I was assigned a project work during my under graduation course. I zeroed in on the topic – ‘Securing the Android Application from Reverse Engineering using piracy theft mechanism and APK Mechanism’ in the Domain ‘Mobile Application. What ensured my attention to this topic was the conflicting combination, that which juxtaposed the prospective potential to technically probe in-depth into the realm of communication technology with incredible possibilities against the ethical aspect of protecting consumer’s rights to privacy. The combination of unpredictable human imprint upon pre-determined technological processes never fails to excite me.

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This interest fostered relentless effort on my part and led me through a journey of glorious learning, studded with achievements such as winning the Technical Quiz Round in Ethical Programming. I was lucky to have had the choicest of exposures in practical application through the workshops I had attended which range from the practicum on Android conducted by Elysium Academy to the seminar on ‘Big Data – Hadoop Tool’ organized by Bharathidasan University and the training programme in ‘JAVA’ hosted by Nehru College, Coimbatore. The value of my credentials and experience increased manifold when I completed my internship in UNIQ Solution Company, Chennai as a JAVA programmer. My family has stood by me through my journey supporting and encouraging me and I record with gratitude, how the virtue of hard work was inculcated in me as a way of life by my parents.

I continue to think that my rough edges of knowledge have to be expanded and polished further before I am ready to venture into the field as a professional. That is the precise reason that I have sought out your elite university to pursue my Master’s Degree in Informatics Business Analysis. It would be a dream come true for me to engage in education in your institution which is an intellectual hub with acclaimed academicians. The extensive exposure in terms of internships and job experience offered to students, the limitless learning I can acquire through the club activities presented and above all the beautifully serene campus has rendered the University the only place where I would want to study. As Wayne Dyer remarked famously, “Our intention creates our reality;” I believe with conviction that my aspiration to become an engineer will be fuelled and ignited here, at Cambriam University and I would emerge a credible programmer of worth from your esteemed University.

I sincerely hope that my academic credentials, exposure to the field practices and independent effort in project work make me a candidate to be considered worthy enough by you for admission to the course.


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