About to rise above competition, reach out

About to rise above competition, reach out

About the Client Slimfit Boutique offers various shaping programmes designed to effectively firm and shape the body innocuously. Novel and advanced systems from Europe are utilized to tone the body in just a few sessions. Slimfit Boutique also provides a wide range of facials, manicure and pedicure services. Summary of the Product ?The same scientist who constructed the pacemaker also developed this system that uses a unique technology to effectively flex muscles. It creates the same effects as what a dynamic exercise does to the body and at the same time, eliminating the pain, sweat and soreness.

Thus, it aids the building up of muscles while effectively while reducing the weight of the user. Using both the system and the Myha Bodytec system, it is the ideal formula for the reduction of cellulite. Campaign Objectives SPH’s goal is to reach 70% of the target audience five times. Our aim is to grow Slimfit’s business; propel Flexfit’s brand to rise above competition, reach out to a new target customer base, and distinguish Slimfit from a saturated slimming marketplace. Target Audience Slimfit targets sophisticated female and male working professionals who are image-conscious and loves grooming.Ranging from 15 to 60 years old, the target audience values not only their well being but also enjoys the luxurious side of life.

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Magazine’s Unique Selling Points SPH magazines are visually attractive with superior quality, and promotes a more trusted brand image to consumers. They make it easy for advertisers to reach out to their targeted market as magazines have a high segmentation potential and henceforth guarantees that their advertisements are seen by the people who have a high probability percentage of purchasing their products.SPH’s magazines also have a long shelf time, and are of first-rate quality.

Media Strategy With an advertising budget of $80,000 spanning from May 2011 to July 2011, SPH will boost Slimfit’s business with a dedicated media strategy. Magazine ads will run purposefully from month to month, while internet advertisements will continue throughout the campaign. Media Tactics ; Magazine Three magazine titles were chosen to run a variety of advertisements. These advertisements range from using the usual full page advertisements to special features and editorials on Slimfit and Flexfit.Full page advertisements will be strategically placed as facing editorials on the right-hand side of magazines for maximum effectiveness. Number of Ads to Appear on Which Months for Each Magazine Advertisements will run heavier in April and May in accordance with the opening of Slimfit’s new branch in May.

Each magazine title was chosen with careful consideration in achieving Slimfit’s campaign objectives and to reach out to their targetted audience. The three magazine titles are Torque, Her World and Golf Digest, and are described in detail on the next few pages respectively.SPH believes that the readers of these magazines will respond positively to the advertisements and hence, use Slimfit’s products and services. Torque – Torque readers value not only luxurious cars in their lives. Besides being well-educated with relatively high disposable incomes, they are also firm believers of health, live life to the fullest, and take pride in their well-being.

79 per cent are willing to spend more on quality items to improve their quality of life. 70 per cent are image-conscious and use skin, hair and body care products regularly. picHer World – Her World is Singapore’s best-read women’s magazine, with a readership of 196,000, based on the Nielsen Media Index. Readers are busy with a strong sense of purpose and drive.

They have good taste and an eye for quality, and are willing to indulge themselves in the pleasures of a hard-earn lifestyle. They are stylish and image-concious, however as busy working professionals, they may not have time to exercise and upkeep an appearance they regard as ideal, thus making them the perfect target audience for Slimfit’s sophisticated products and services.Seven out of 10 readers have read at least 4 issues of Her World in the past 6 months.

Nine out of 10 readers have purchased products seen in Her World, while 83% of readers mentioned referring to the ads seen in the issue to get ideas on what products to buy. pic Golf Digest – Golf Digest Singapore is the local edition of the undisputed No. 1 golf publication from the US, and is positioned to be the premier golf magazine here. The Golf Digest reader is a highly educated, discerning and sensible customer who appreciates the finer things in life and values the best things they can get in their lives.They are established in their careers and enjoy a high personal monthly income of $5,000 and above, making them consumers of high purchasing power. Slimfit’s advertisements and special features will be appropriately placed in the Health and Fitness section of Golf Digest, which promotes well-being and a healthy lifestyle.

Media Tactics ; Internet Our target audience spends a large amount of time on the Internet, especially on social media websites like Youtube. Since Youtube has proven to be a viral media platform, SPH will utilise Youtube in adopting a response campaign.This campaign includes having readers from the magazines consult experts from Slimfit for advice. Experts will do short response videos in reply to chosen queries, and recommend and feature products or services when appropriate. The experts from Slimfit can also do videos regarding health issues and slimming tips. Through this campaign, SPH will be able to reach out to the target audience and also increase awareness of Flexfit. This will be done in collaboration with Slimfit’s own capable marketing team, with SPH at the helm to lead the campaign to success.

Budget AllocationIn line with the advertisements slated to run from April to June, the budget allocation will be as such. SPH Magazines will be allocating 32%, 33% and 35% of the $80,000 to Golf Digest, Her World and Torque respectively. Flowchart for Magazine’s Gross Rating Points 5GRPs will be achieved at the end of June for Torque and Golf Digest respectively, while 25 GRPs will be achieved for Her World.

Flowchart for Internet’s impressions For the internet, 100K impressions will be achieved in April, 300k impressions will be achieved in May and another 100k impressions will be achieved in June.Media Summary In summary, SPH will conduct advertisements as frequent for 5 times each on both the magazines and the Internet. After running the advertisements for 3 months from April to June, SPH aims to achieve 350 GRPs for Torque, Golf Digest and Her World in total, and 500k impressions for the internet. 70% of the total population will be reached with the magazine advertisements while 100k people will be reached for the internet. Peer Evaluations & Insights BM0641 Media Buying & Sales Negotiation ICA3 Personal Insights PaperYear 1 / Semester 2 January 2011 In this project, we learn the basics of a media plan, how to sell media and how media buyers do their job.

Researching for the report and for facts or figures has been tough as these kinds of information are not readily available to students like us, henceforth gives us yet another hurdle to cross. However, I think the main learning points come from learning the techniques of people skill. Talking to people is one of the most fundamental and important skills to learn and master in the art of buying and selling.It is important to always address and acknowledge buyer concerns and to work to build relationships with the people you work with. Putting to practice something previously learnt only in theory is always an exhilarating experience, albeit somewhat stressful.

Nonetheless I learnt a lot. MS1002 Ariel Ang 093683N BM0641 Media Buying & Sales Negotiation ICA3 Peer Evaluation Year 1 / Semester 2 January 2011 Jacqueline Stansilas Jacqueline is a chirpy girl who has her own unique sense of humour. She is a good team member to have and does her work when told to do so.She is a splendid user of the English language and always has her own opinions on things.

Fiona Phoon Fiona is always quick to point out things that sounds amiss or things that she is unsure about so that we may swiftly rectify it. She can be highly enthusiastic about work when she wants to be. Despite having a seemingly cold demeanor sometimes, she is actually someone who loves to laugh.

Rachael Teo Rachael is the timekeeper of the group. She is always eager to complete her tasks quickly and is the first to bring us back on track when we digress from work.She however never fails to do it in a cheery way and brings many laughs into the group. Siti Bazilah Bazilah is a natural-born leader. She is always on the ball and always has her work as the utmost top priority. So long as there is even one person who is willing to work on the project, she will try her very best to guide, help and accompany that person even if it eats into time she could have easily used for herself.

MS1002 Ariel Ang, 093683N Siti Bazilah 101617L MS1002 DB INSIGHT PAPER Through this ICA, I have realised that selling is not such a straight forward process.As a matter of fact, selling is just the surface. As the saying goes, it is merely the tip of the iceberg.

The layers that lay beneath the surface form the backbone of sales. The success of the sale depends on how well the salesperson conducts the layers beneath it. I have learnt that it is paramount for a media seller to manage positive relationships with his buyers/clients. This will determine the success of the sale, like I have stated earlier.

We have to show that the ‘customer is always right’, even if we do not believe in the aforementioned mentality.It is essential for a salesperson to manage his clients effectively in order to secure lucrative deals at the end of the day. On a side note, I feel that it was interesting when the module lecturer role played as the client. This breathed life into the theories that we have learnt in class. Siti Bazilah 101617L MS1002 DB PEER EVALUATION • ARIEL ANG Ariel has been sincerely dedicated, genuinely committed and contributed significantly to this project. She never once complained in the completion of the project, even if pressure grips her.

Ariel takes great pride in her work, and I believe it is clearly seen.She has been the most reliable person in this group. It has been such a pleasure working with her. If I could rate her, I would give her a perfect score.

And what else can I say about her drive to produce admirable powerpoint slides? • RACHAEL TAN Rachael’s existence in this group has aided us in numerous ways. Her thinking skills when it comes to numbers were admirable. Without her efficiency with numbers, we would have done the project at a slower pace. Rachael also has the uncanny ability to sight or spot any detail that was out of proportion.In addition, she always welcomes any load presented upon her with a carved smile on her face.

• FIONA PHOON Fiona was always ready to meet for discussions. She has been a diligent group mate. She tends to have creative ideas from time to time during our group discussions. If Fiona uses opportunities in the near future to further sharpen her creativity, I believe that she would definitely be an indispensable worker.

• JACQUELINE STANSILAS Jacqueline ensured that we knew what we were doing. She never failed to air her concerns regarding any part of the project.She was always ready to meet for discussions, even if the discussions would take us into the night. Jacqueline was efficient in doing her work and always completed her work in the stipulated time.

Lorraine Jacqueline Stansilas 103919H MS 100 (DB) Insight paper (ICA3) Honestly, I found this ICA a little challenging as it took me a while to fully understand what I had been asked to do. I had to keep re-reading the material given and the research my group and I had found. By the end of this ICA, I was better able to grasp the concept of getting our clients to advertise with us.I had learnt that knowing all your information at your fingertips is crucial in this business. We had to know thoroughly our client and company. We had to be convincing and good at negotiating deals which I found to be pretty intimidating.

With the help of my team mates, I learnt how to be better prepared to answer impromptu questions. Lorraine Jacqueline Stansilas 103919H MS 1002 (DB) Peer Evaluation-MBSN ICA 3 Ariel Ang: Ariel is extremely efficient. She is able to collate information very easily and quickly. With her in the group, we were able to complete our project on time.Furthermore, her PowerPoint skills contributed significantly to our group’s presentation.

She is a hard worker and does her work very diligently. Siti Bazilah : Bazilah is a very responsible girl. She is very organized and serious when it comes to work. She makes sure the quality of work produced is up to expectations. She is the most dependable person in the group. With her in our group, we were better able to focus on our individual tasks as she allocated clear roles for us to take on.

Bazilah is a great asset to any group. Fiona Phoon: Fiona is bursting with creativity.She is always coming up with innovative ways when doing a certain task. She is full of creative and interesting ideas that she sportingly contributes during group discussions.

With her in our group, she was able to bring enthusiasm and spur interest in the things we do. With her, we were able to think outside the box. Racheal Teo: Rachel is very cooperative.

She accepts her tasks with a smile. Any job given to her is done without complaining. She is friendly and helpful. By offering her assistance in any way possible, Rachel takes the initiative to do something.

She is a very cheerful and bright person who is always willing to help in one way or the other. It was truly a joy to have her around. Rachael Teo (102940W) MBSN ICA 3 Personal Insights Advertisement placement is a nerve wrecking part of this ICA. I have to discuss with my group mates which month to start placing the advertisement, where to place it in the magazine, how many times to place it and how long to place it. Through this ICA, we have researched on the different advertisement placement that would affect the effectiveness of the campaign.

We also have to take into consideration the amount of times the advertisement is placed in our magazines. If it’s too much, the readers would be bored of it and the campaign might backfire. I’ve got a deeper understanding of how media buyers work in this industry. Rachael Teo (102940W) Peer Evaluation: 1) Ariel: She’s conscientious in her work.

Most of them time is she and Bazilah who initiates the work to be done. She is clear of what to do and is always there to help the other members when in doubt. She’s also the one that is in charge of the powerpoint slides. ) Bazilah: She’s clear of what to do and also does her work on time. She will explain to other member of what to do and make sure that they understand it before we end our discussion.

She also reminds the other members of the things that should be done. She constantly keeps the other members in mind. 3) Fiona: Not always there for meetings and is always late.

Tasks given to her are done but it is always not on time. She only did a small part of the report and is not clear of what is required of her in this ICA. 4) Jacqueline: Only with us for discussion twice. Does her work but is also late.

Even when she was there for discussion, she doesn’t contribute ideas and just sits there. She’s also not clear of the ICA even till the day when we are compiling the report. FIONA PHOON 101771D Media Buying and Sales Negotiation ICA 3 Insight Paper This assignment is a great way for letting us understand various media products, the buying and selling process and to be able to pitch and convince clients to advertise with us and stretch their advertising dollars to the maximum. This assignment had enabled me to realize that coming up with a suitable campaign is in fact not as easy as I think it was.We have to suit the client’s needs, wants and consider many other factors. I have also learnt how to work to different people of different interest, presenting a successful report and/or presentation for the client.

FIONA PHOON 101771D BM0641 MBSN ICA PEER EVALUATION Jacqueline Stansilas Jacqueline was dependable in attending group meetings. She willingly accepts tasks that are given to her, contributed positively to group discussions and offered to help others with their work when needed. She had contributed and completed a fair share of work.She was, and will always be a valuable teammate anyone can ask for. Bazilah Abdul Rahman Bazilah is often relied heavily for compiling information because of strong command of language.

Her creativity, resourcefulness, and determination with perseverance would really make our report, presentation and work distinctive and successful. She’s also an effective communicator, kept our team together despite our differences and overall a valuable team member. Rachael Teo Rachael participated in the group meetings and contributed useful ideas and has been a very supportive teammate throughout this course of project.I’m sure this is attributed much to Rachael, as she has been quite a pillar of reliance to us. She also worked well with other team members.

Ariel Ang Ariel is a hardworking and confident team mate who is often relied heavily to put together our creative presentation, for which she described and outlined the artistic approach to the project, researching illustrations and photographic reference materials. Ariel’s creativity, resourcefulness and ability to see a project through really made these presentations distinctive and successful.

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