SkittlesOVERVIEWSkittles also offer lunch, dinner, drinks and dancing

SkittlesOVERVIEWSkittles also offer lunch, dinner, drinks and dancing

SkittlesOVERVIEWSkittles is a variety entertainment and dining establishment located inWashington, D.C. . Our mission is to provide our patrons with a unique blend oflive entertainment while delivering a top quality dining experience.

We will dothis by emphasizing service excellence and the highest level of performance inall aspects of our operations and services. Our prominent services include liveentertainment, ranging in form from comedy to jazz performances to poetryrecitals and others. We also offer lunch, dinner, drinks and dancing to ourcustomers.The restaurant is operated by its several partners who have an equal share inownership.

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The partners are Tracy Jackson, James Johnson, Sonja Dawkins, KevinBrown and Steffi Carr. The restaurant is ideally located on the D.C. waterfront.

There it will be easily accessible to a large cross section of consumers andmake it possible to provide patrons with a safe and controlled environment.Our establishment brings a relatively new concept to the Districts restaurantindustry. What we provide is an everchanging mix of live entertainment tocustomers while serving all of their drinking and dining needs as well.

We aresomewhat of a one stop, night on the town, in that we provide not only thedrinking and dining needs of person going out but we also provide, in the samelocation and depending on the night, everything from dancing to live musicperformances to a night of comedy entertainment. Because of its uniqueness tothe marketplace in D.C., Skittles has an excellent opportunity to establishitself and become a force in the restaurant/entertainment community in theDistrict. This is partly because of the limited direct competition the companyhas to face. Although direct competition is limited, there are severalestablishments which we feel will pose competition to us in the market. Theyinclude Blues Alley, Hogates, H.

I. Ribsters, Phillips, Gang Plank, The Wharf,and Club 721.Despite the threats which the competition poses to the restaurant, we arestill very confident in the ability of this concept and restaurant to thrive andsucceed in the District.SITUATION ANALYSISWe, the owners of Skittles, are very enthusiastic about our chances ofsuccess with this new and exciting restaurant concept. Our enthusiasm wasbolstered even more by what was revealed to us after performing a situationanalysis for the company.

The analysis showed that as a company, our strengthsand the opportunities that exist, far outweigh our weaknesses and the threats weperceive ourselves having to face. This indicates to us that with hard work anda total team commitment, Skittles will be a definite success. As for theparticulars that were revealed through the analysis they are as follows.

First, the businesses internal strengths include the location of therestaurant, because of its convenient access to all the residents in the MetroArea. Another strength is the room for growth that we have as a company, becausewithout it the company would reach its maximum potential in a relatively shorttime and then have no where to go but down. Also we have a strength in ourprices which, for the services and the variety of entertainment we provide, arebetter than favorable when compared with the competitions prices. Finally, ourinternal strengths include the variety which we provide for our customers, bothin the services and in the entertainment which we deliver.

Next, there are the internal weaknesses that we have as a business and theyinclude, first our inexperience with being managers and operators of a businessas well as the inexperience in dealing with the real world, unforeseen problemsthat are bound to arise with a new business. Secondly, there is the fact that asof yet we don’t have an established customer base to rely on. Also, we alsodon’t have a loyal market of consumers whom we can depend on even during themost difficult economic periods. Finally, there is the fact that we don’t havethe established reputation for service and excellence that some of ourcompetitors may have with the consumers in the area.Next, the situation analysis turned to the external factors that would beaffecting our establishment. These factors include both our opportunities andthe threats that we will have to face. First, there were the opportunities whichinclude, the economic situation in the district which has the mayor and otherprominent officials encouraging and supporting the formation of new businessesin the District in hopes of creating more revenue for the city.

This is anopportunity because with the cooperation from the city and the powers that be,it will be less difficult to deal with all of the red tape and bureaucracy onehas to go through when starting a business. Secondly, there the opportunity tobecome a tourist attraction, because we are located in the nations capitol whichreceives millions of visitors on a yearly basis. By becoming a city hot spot, itwould enhance our reputation not only with the local residents but nation wideas well.

It would increase our business revenue drastically if we could becomeone of the “must see” places for visitors to the capitol. The second opportunityhas a direct relationship with the third and final opportunity which is tofranchise and branch out. If we are successful in becoming a tourist attraction,that would open up markets for us all over the country in places where peopledon’t have but want the services and entertainment concept which we provide toour customers.The final segment covered in our analysis was the threats we perceivedourselves having to deal with. They include, first the many hassles and thebureaucracy we would have to deal with, such as obtaining the proper licenses,zoning and building permits and meeting the required health, building and safetycodes and regulations.

Secondly, there is the threat posed by the slow economywe are currently faced with. It is causing more people to opt to stay at homerather than going out. Finally there is the threat posed by the competition inthe District for disposable income. Because D.C. is the U.S.

Capitol, there aremany establishments which provide a variety of things to do for the consumerwhich will make attracting those disposable dollars all the more difficult for anew business.Over the coming year, it will be our goal to build on the strengths that weposses and to take full and complete advantage of the opportunities that existfor Skittles in the D.C. market. We also plan, to the best of our ability, toovercome the threats which await us and to eliminate as many, if not all, of ourinternal weaknesses.

This will be achieved through strong management leadership,dedication to the company and careful decision making and planning on the partof Skittles owners and all of our employees.ORGANIZATION OBJECTIVESSince we are a new organization , there are many marketing objectives that wehave yet to achieve and which we will strive to accomplish within the next yearof business. Three of the more prominent objectives we have include first,establishing and maintaining a high level of customer loyalty and a large loyalmarket base in the D.C. metro area. Secondly, we seek to eliminate all of ourinternal weaknesses.

Third and most importantly, we want to provide ourcustomers with the most outstanding and superior quality of service foundanywhere.As a new business, we are faced with the task of having to find a place forourselves in the market among consumers. We can best make a place for ourselvesby establishing a large , loyal base of consumers. We plan to achieve thisobjective by providing patrons with an experience like no other and bydelivering top quality entertainment. We will be able to determine if theobjective has been achieved by monitoring the increase or decrease in the levelof regular repeat customers over the next year.Our second objective is one in which we have a great deal of concern.

It isto eliminate our internal weaknesses. While we are concerned, we feel mostconfident about getting it achieved. This is because internal weaknesses arethose which we have the most ability to influence and change. Currently ourinternal weaknesses include inexperience in management and a lack of a loyalcustomer base, to name a few. We will determine if the objective has beenreached by performing a second situation analysis at the end of the year andcomparing it with our current analysis.The third objective we have is probably the one most essential to determiningour future in the marketplace.

It is to provide our customers with the mostoutstanding quality of service found anywhere. By achieving this objective wewill have little problem with achieving our first objective of developing aloyal customer base. This is because if we deliver a high quality of serviceexcellence to our patrons, they will only naturally think highly of us and wantreturn to our establishment. Also, by delivering outstanding quality in allaspects of the company, it will help to develop a positive reputation in theeyes of the consumers which will lead to more business for the restaurant whichwill in turn lead to more profits for the business. We will determine if theobjective has been accomplished by getting feedback from customers after they’vehad the Skittles experience. Surveys will be taken randomly throughout the yearto determine if service and overall quality is being maintained, improving, orgetting worse.In any event we feel the achievement of these goals are essential to ourremaining a viable venture in the marketplace and we plan to do everythingwithin our powers to make certain that they are achieved.

PERCEPTION OF GOODSSkittles target market will find the restaurant to be ideal for their diningand entertainment pleasure. This is because our services as well as ourmarketing are geared towards attracting and satisfying the wants and needs ofour target market. Through our reasearch, we have found that our targetdemographics enjoy jazz, live music, and comedy, as well as full course diningwhen going out. By inquiring of the specific target market demographics, we havedetermineed exactly what they want in terms of entertainment and dining. As aresult, we have focused our endeavors to meet those needs.

HOW IS USP MANIFESTED?The unique selling position of Skittles will be manifested by our ability toprovide a variety of live entertainment forms. It will further be manifested inour ability to provide for our customers, dining excellence as well as fun andexcitement, all in the same location. In addition, our ability to cater not onlyto those looking for live entertainment fun but also those who wish to use ourestablishment for business purposes as well as other private functions will addto creating a distinct U.S.P.

for Skittles.BRAND NAME DISCUSSIONSkittles was chosen as the name of our establishment because the word skittleshas now become synonymous with a variety of flavors. This is, we feel the mostappropriate name to describe what it is that we have to offer our consumers interms of goods and services, a wide variety.

In the entertainment, as well asin the dining options and the overall concept of our business, ,Skittles therestaurant much like Skittles the candy, will provide a rainbow of variety andflavors to its customers.ADVERTISING OVERALL PLANSkittles overall campaign will utilize several mediums and techniques in orderto get the publics awareness of our existence up. The mediums we plan to utilizeinclude flyers, posters, billboards and newspapers. The advertising campaignwill be somewhat aggressive in its approach because we are a new entity tryingto create a niche for ourselves in a very competitve environment.

Theadvertisements will be targeted to appeal to the wantrs and sensibilities of ourspecific target market. We will accomplish this by focusing the ads on theentertainment and the variety aspects of our restaurant. Likewise, we willconvey through our ads a sense of the atmosphere and ambiance which exists atSkittles. The ads will be run in major papersd tri-weekly, while billboards,posters and metro ads will be continuos in their display. We will make use offree passes for entertainment and meal discount coupons as well. As with anyproduct , we are hoping that word of mouth will also help in establishing thereputation of Skittles as a great place for entertainment and dinning.DISCUSSION OF SUPPLY TO RESTAURANTThe supply of Skittles’ food and beverages will be handled through acombination of several wholesale and retail suppliers.

For our beef, pork, lamband veal supply we will utilize the National Beef and Provision Co. ofBaltimore MD. The prince Wm Co.

Poultry and Egg Company will provide our needsin those areas. Our seafood will be acquired fresh from the D.C. Wharf. Finally,our liquor and alcoholic beverages will be providerd by two suppliers.

The FWine Specialists will supply our wine needs while the International DistributionCorportion will supply all of our other alcohic beverages and the Pepsi BottlingCo. will supply our Fountain Sodas/beverages.To insure for our customers, the freshest food posible. Our meats, seafood,poultry and vegatables will be ordered weekly. To add, because all of oursuppliers are in the D.C.

area and in such close proximity, we will receive oursupplies by way of refrigerated trucks. Again with the furthest supplier beingin Baltimore, we are assured that our oders will be delivered within 24 hours ofthe reciept by the suppliers.PERSONAL SELLING MESSAGESkittles servers will be trained to provide customers with both qualityservice and congeniality.

To ensure that our employees are both courteous andrespectful when dealing with customers, we will establish an incentive programfor our employees which will be based on customer responses toward the servicethey receive. Ideally, the interaction of a Skittles server and a customershould be similar to the following dialogue:Server: Good evening, my name is Jacque and I’ll be your waiter for this evening.Would you care for any appetizers or Drinks at this time?Cust.

: No thank you, we’re not quite ready to order yet so could you give us afew minutes please.Server: Certainly. (returns shortly) Are you ready to order now?Cust.: Yes, we are ready to order.Server: May I recommend our specials.Cust.

: Thank you, but we would like to order …Server: Would you like anything to drink?Cust.

: We’ll have …Server: O.

K. I’ll be right back with your drinks.(returns) Here are your drinksand your dinner will be ready shortly. (leaves and returns w/food) Here is your dinner, I hope you enjoy it.

If there isanything that I can get you please let me know.Cust.: Thank You.The server will then check regularly to see if everything is fine with thecustomers and after they are finished with their meals, he will again check withthem.

Server: Would you like any dessert or is there anything else that I can do foryou?Cust.: No thank you, we are ready for the bill please.Server: Of course.

The server then will deliver through our computerized billing process, the billto the customer.

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